October success stories: FANG-tastic dates

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Tenuous Halloween / dating joke for you: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party? Because he had no-body to go with. Ba-dum-tish. October delivered another wave of success stories from Muddy Matches members getting up to mischief with other country-minded singles. Here’s just a few examples from this month’s Inbox…

We got married

“We just wanted to say that we met each other almost four years ago on Muddy Matches and last weekend we got married! Thank you for helping us meet!” – Lucy and James

Found my soulmate

“I just wanted to tell you about my success story with your dating site. I met my boyfriend on Muddy Matches and we started talking but were 300 miles apart! We texted and spoke on the phone for three months and met in November last year and have been together ever since! It’s difficult with us being so far apart but we aim to see each other every other weekend and I’m moving down too be with him in January! So thank you for helping me find my soulmate!” – Kerry-Jane

She must be a keeper

“I’ve been with my ‘Muddy Match’ now for coming up to three years after initially meeting on your site. We fell for each other very quickly and it wasn’t long before she was on my dad’s farm helping me with the lambing! She coped well with it, so I thought she must be a keeper. Your site was great for us as we were able to get chatting very quickly. Again, many thanks.” – John

We’ve fallen in love

I got chatting to a lovely lady on my first day on the site. We have fallen in love and are planning to move in together early next year. Thank you so much for giving us the means to find each other!” – Brian

Perfect match

“I found my wonderful, perfect match on this site. Thank you” – Jeanette

What a great idea

“I saw Muddy Matches mentioned on my Twitter feed and did a bit of research and then thought what a bloody good idea – literally cut out the middleman! We are only at the very beginning of our friendship but we will definitely keep in touch to let you know how it’s going. Keep up the great work and ideas. Where I used to be a sceptic about these things I’m now a convert!” – Rachael