June success stories: Wedding bells

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

We love a good wedding (i.e. any wedding with a free bar). So we’re delighted that here at Muddy Matches we’re able to bring together so many couples who eventually end up tying the knot. This month we heard from a couple of Muddy Matches members who’d just been married (on a farm , of course) and another two couples who’ve set a date to be hitched. We assume our invites got lost in the post…

Married on a farm

“I just want to thank you ever so much for your help in finding my wonderful husband Ed. Two and a half years ago I (a Dutch townie living in Edinburgh) received a sweet first message from Ed via Muddy Matches. There was an instant click, followed by a first date in Edinburgh (and first kiss at the castle), followed by me moving to the farm where Ed was living with his collie Jack, then adding a sausage dog named Jim and a cat named Jess to the bunch, and eventually completing our family with my three year old stepdaughter and our now four month old daughter. Life is busy, but so relaxed and wonderful.

Last Saturday we got married – on the farm, where else? Thanks for everything, we literally couldn’t have done it without you.” – Miranda and Ed

Perfect match

“I’ve found my perfect match. So, thank you very, very much!” – Vick

Fab site

“I met with another member and we are now seeing each other. This is a fab site to meet other farmers when we can’t get out to meet people due to our jobs. Finding someone I have so much in common with has been great. We both work in farming and both have kids and are managing to make it work. Thank you very much. The site is definitely worth joining.” – Fiona

We’re getting married!

“I signed up on your website in September 2016 when I was captivated by a profile of a single man living near Wigton. We met for our first date in October 2016 and we got engaged by the shores of the Adriatic in Croatia last year. We are getting married in the Gherkin, London in March next year. This is truly a Muddy Matches success story which we felt you would like to hear about.” – Kimerbley

Met the love of my life

“I have previously been a member of your site, however, due to the amazing success I had when I clicked on Sue, well, two and a half years later we are marrying! I could not be happier to be marrying the love of my life.” Daniel

We’re truly happy

“I have met my match in every way through Muddy Matches. We have been together coming up to six months and are truly happy. So from both of us thank you for helping us find happiness.” – Matt