April success stories: Love is blossoming

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Spring has officially sprung! No seriously. It’s just that someone forget to tell Mother Nature to ease up on all the winter stuff. Sure, it might be a little chilly now, but warmer weather, romantic picnics and long country walks are just around the corner. The new season is a great time to find romance and let love blossom, as this recent selection of Muddy Matches members will attest…

Love at first sight

“I have met the girl of my dreams, and yes, she was a Muddy Match. We met and fell head over heels for each other. We have a lot of mutual friends and if the pair of us were wired up to the National Grid, this country would have a power problem. It is corny to say love at first sight, but my God it is! It is an amazing feeling where we are both on cloud nine. The moral to this lovely story is to be yourself, be truthful and who knows what will happen?” – Simon

Met a lovely lady

“I am now in a relationship with a very nice lady which hopefully will be long term. Being a member has proved most worthwhile so many thanks to all the staff at MM.” – Tim

Found someone almost straight away

Just to say that I have found someone on your site Muddy Matches – thank you! I’m so chuffed as I’ve tried several other dating sites with no luck but I found this person almost straight away, thank you so much.” – Sarah

We are just so similar

“I met a girl on Muddy Matches. We have really hit it off! We are just so similar, it’s almost unbelievable. She’s a really nice girl. We can’t stop texting each other and are making lots of plans. Thanks for helping us find each other.” – Tom

Glad I joined Muddy Matches

“I have joined dating sites before but never found anyone suitable. I thought long and hard before I joined Muddy Matches, but I’m really glad I did as I’ve met a lovely man. I didn’t think it would ever happen, so a very big thank you.” – Daniel

We’re truly happy

“I met the man of my dreams on this website … we are now married!” – Matt