We’ve been inseparable ever since…

Monday, November 10th, 2014

“A friend persuaded me to try Muddy Matches earlier this year, and I did for one whole month, but I signed off again feeling disillusioned with online dating.. I was so wrong!!!

After what had been a lonely summer, I thought I’d give it another go last month. I had been looking, but had not yet paid up my subscription when I received a message from this gorgeous guy whose profile I had checked out. Turned out he lived a mere 15 miles from my home and we had so much in common (including mutual family friends!!) BUT HAD NEVER MET despite crossing paths many times at horse shows etc.

I loved his profile and thought he was so handsome so I duly paid up for a month to read his first message. It was sooooo worth it!!!

After chatting here for just a few days we agreed to meet up. Our first date in our local village was terrifying (we are both 43 but felt like teenagers!!) but within minutes we knew we had something special. We chatted for seven hours that night… and met again two days later.

I signed off Muddy Matches after our second date, and he did too. We’ve been inseparable ever since…

Having never been married, or even engaged, I know I’ve waited all these years to meet someone as sincere, handsome and funny as Robert. I have never been happier these past few weeks and I hope we will have a great future together…


Only for you we would never have met…!! That is a certainty…”  Siobhan & Rob