The most wildly romantic sunset picnic…

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Shooting Times sub-editor Abigail (also known as Mrs Shotgun Chef) got in touch to tell us about how she met her husband Will (The Shotgun Chef) on Muddy Matches.

“My profile had only been up three hours when he sent me an email. Will is massively dyslexic, so his message was littered with typos (for example, he told me about how he catered for privet parties, and I had visions of a lot of hedges standing around munching on canapés). As a journalist, this would usually have bothered me, but the fact that he seemed so warm and honest, funny and approachable in that first message piqued my interest. He drove back from Scotland the next week and took me for the most wildly romantic sunset picnic, and within five days we were engaged. He proposed over a meal he’d cooked of potted partridge and pigeon breast in honey and apple balsamic jus, and on the strength of that meal, I said yes.”

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Abigail and Will on their wedding day.