We married in October this year and had the most amazing special day…

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

“Dear Muddymatches,

My name is Katherine and I subscribed to your website over a year and a half ago, I just wanted to cancel my membership completly, also I should be sending you a huge Thankyou as I  met my husband through your website!!! We met via your website as soon as we both subscribed to it and the as they say the rest is history and I’ve met the man of my dreams!! We married in October  this year and had the most amazing special day!! Its funny as I was reluctant to ever join a dating website but your website caught my eye and it was actually the profile picture of my husband that made me join, its as though it was fate as he was the first guy to email me too and we only lived half an hour away!!

We’ve also passed your website onto quite a few friends  who are now giving it a go!  Many Thanks.” Katherine