“Dating with Muddy Matches was best suited to my countryside needs”

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

Shooting fan hails the user friendliness of online dating with Muddy Matches after returning to the singles scene

A 70% muddy agricultural worker, and separated family man, from Northumberland, has praised his Muddy Matches experience as being ‘best suited’ for his needs as a country gent after taking his first steps into online dating.

The 49-year-old hacking, shooting, and fishing enthusiast joined the country life dating specialists, along with a number of more mainstream dating apps, during the locked down Christmas period with hope of “taking things slowly” but giving his love life a welcome boost in the New Year.

Unearthing an ‘active and cheerful’ someone with whom he could ‘be himself’ and to ‘share all aspects of country sports’ was high on his wish list as a resolution for 2021.

Now, whilst he has since found lockdown love offline, the mud lover has taken time to independently contact Muddy Matches and applaud the way the site is set up, as well as its user friendliness.

“There were more potential matches from the same background and with shared interests on Muddy Matches than any other sites I have tried.” Ian said. “I rate Muddy Matches very highly for country minded people to meet others on.”

There was also welcome endorsement of the countryside dating website’s technical set up, which, to the benefit of many of our rural and remote members, takes a more traditional form than other dating apps and UK free dating websites out there.

“The technical side of setting up a profile was extremely easy,” he tells us. “The site appears to have been set up by a human with knowledge of these matters. The personal input perhaps is trickier; however, it is relatively easy to complete a profile.”

“I found the Muddy Matches website best suited to my needs as a country man.

“I didn’t get much use of the site as it turned out a suitable person was right under my nose in the real world but had that have not been the case, I do feel your site would have met my needs extremely well.”

As the UK’s original home of farmer dating, and now the nation’s number one online dating service for countryside lovers, over ½ million active, outdoor-loving singles from all walks of country life chosen to online date with Muddy Matches.

During the past year of lockdowns and local tiered restrictions, the volume of muddy boots treading over our welcome mat looking to companionship in uncertain times has hiked to record levels.

Who will you unearth on Muddy Matches?