Virtual Date – 360° hot air balloon ride over Northern Ireland

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Rise to the occasion on this 360 virtual date full of hot air.

Fire up the gas burners, let them roar and get set to drift over the countryside of Northern Ireland in the basket of a hot air balloon. This serene 360° tour is great way to enjoy unparalleled views from 1000’S of feet up together with your muddy match.

So settle into the basket for an airborne adventure to take your breath away. Get your date on Facetime, Zoom or Skype video call and hit play on this video simultaneously.

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Video credit:
Stephen J Reid on YouTube

Our top tips
Here’s a handful of questions to ensure your virtual date gets lift off

1. If you could drift off somewhere – anywhere – where would you aim for?
2. What qualities in a person stoke your fire in life?
3. A load of hot air… What’s the strangest untrue ‘fact’ or piece of fake news that you have heard?
4. Wind, rain, snow or sun? What are your favourite weather conditions?

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Dating from a distance?
Muddy Matches pledge to bring you a new 360° virtual date experience that celebrates the British countryside and the great outdoors every day of the lockdown. Enjoy!