The Muddy Motorhome Is For Sale

Thursday, October 03rd, 2013

It’s the end of an era, but don’t worry we’re not talking about Muddy Matches; we’re talking about the fact that the beloved Muddy Matches Motorhome is up for sale.

Now it’s on the market (sob) we thought it was a good time to look back upon our adventures in the motor home back in 2007.

The beginning

It started in August 2007 when we decided to combine a motorhome and a country cottage, through the power of vinyl wrap to create our rather unique Muddy Motorhome.

We had ups and downs on our journey (quite literally when we took to the trying out the RAF simulator), but overall we wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Meeting farmers

For a website known for farmer dating, it’s no surprise that we were especially keen to make a lot of farm visits on our journey (more than 20) and we were also looking forward to joining  in with some Young Farmers events on our way.

Countryside pursuits

Along our journey we also took part in a number of different countryside including gun dog training, fishing, falconry and beating and tied our hand at other outdoor pursuits such as abseiling and Frisbee golf.

Food and drink

To keep our energy up during the Muddy Marathon we made lots of stops to sample a lot of tasty locally produced food and drink (it’s a hard life)including haggis, whiskey, ice cream, cider and wine.

New skills

We also picked up a lot of new skills on route, from thatching roofs in Norfolk ,  through to squeeze box playing in Kent and joining in with a SARDA mountain rescue team in Cumbria.

The end

If you would like a piece of Muddy Matches’ history, get in touch with us to find out about buying the Muddy Motorhome.