The language of love needn’t be so lewd.

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Muddy Matches has long been a respectful place to meet and match with likeminded mud lovers. It’s a place where traditional values matter.

However, we have started to see a few too many folk sail a little too close to the wind when it comes to the decency standards we expect in dating profiles of late.

Most notably this has come to our attention in the language of love; or should that be bad language of love?

Now, a little profanity escapes from the best of us from time to time (the swear jar in the Muddy Matches office tells its own story). But repeatedly filling dating profile bios and message exchanges with offensive language and lewd swear words, mostly out of context, is another thing altogether.

Effing and blinding (and much worse, we are sad to report) is not only disrespectful and anti-social, but also creates real unease and nervousness in potential matches – characteristics unlikely to land you a date.

What may be seen as fruity, colourful language that represents a ‘carefree personality’, others could as easily interpret as aggressive, ill mannered or downright inappropriate.

Most importantly, you run much greater risk of seeing your profile rejected, and even deleted, when offensive swear words are detected when we manually vet your profile.

And that’s even before we get into concern reports, and the blacklisting that brings.

So our advise on this one is simple; Lewd, rude and crude has no place on Muddy Matches so steer clear of swear words, even those you might think are harmless. And definitely avoid that overused  f-word…

Unless that f-word is farming.