Reasons to date green-fingered gardening singles

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Gardening and horticulture are flourishing as top picks on the hobbies list singles can choose from to display on their Muddy Matches dating profiles. With allotments back in vogue too, green fingered interest is on the up.

Tending to a garden requires a great deal of resilience, fortitude, commitment, a deep connection to nature and plenty of patience. These are all important elements in helping a relationship fully bloom.

So, at Muddy Matches, we think singles inclined to get hands on in the garden make for great life partners.  Here’s why.

It takes time and considerable effort to cultivate a garden, and with growth at the will, and want, of nature, gardening requires patience in spades. Gardeners know it’s a waiting game to see the fruits of their labour but accept it for the value the end result adds to their life. This ability to nurture things over time, without instant reward, often extends to other aspects of life, including relationships.

Putting success in the hands of the gardening gods, soil science and the elements, means gardeners know not everything they plant will succeed, despite best laid plans and hopes. This builds resilience in those that invest in it, and that strength of character and fortitude, during unsure times, is adaptable to their human connections.  

They don’t mind a bit of dirt
Getting hands on is part and parcel of gardening and this contentment with the grubbier side of life bodes well when bonding with more muddier singles, knee deep in agriculture. Hay in the car, and muck on the boots? Not a problem.

A therapeutic presence
Gardening is good for the soul, and is deemed a therapeutic activity for those who immerse themselves in it. A gardeners presence by your side, especially one who promotes grow your own, sustainable eco-living, can bring a calming, grounding effect to your life, and inspire a slower, relaxed pace of living.

They are content with life
Gardeners appreciate the benefits of a simpler life with an onus on reaping what you sow. They cherish little progress made by their plants, and this positive outlook on life means they value the little things that make a relationship tick.

Healthy living

Environmentally conscious gardening can be a physically demanding activity. Any gardener working hard is naturally taking care of their physical fitness and a healthy partner makes for a happy partner. This can positively influence your well-being and own mood and habits, whilst bringing a sunny disposition.

A nurturing nature
Gardeners know that if they stop investing time in their garden as life’s other priorities take over, things that once bloomed will frost over, wither and get over run. They know to keep persevering, never taking things for granted, even sometimes against their better judgement and gut feel, to give things the best possible chance to thrive. That natural nurturing instinct in a life partner is priceless when it comes to support.

Gardening requires being present in the moment, fostering a sense of mindfulness and sense of clear focus and purpose that can positively impact your relationship. Gardeners are also extremely agile in the the art of seeing the bigger picture when it comes to imagining and creating tranquil and serene spaces, in which to unwind and kick back from the pace of life.

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