7 dating profile photos that don’t cut the mustard

Thursday, January 11th, 2024

When countryside dating with Muddy Matches, we ask that singles upload a clear, close up, head and shoulders shot as their main profile photo. Why? Because, we know that more than 60% of online daters in the UK are wary of engaging with profiles when they can’t easily see a face.

Whilst many folk happily celebrate their rural lifestyle in their main photo, still we see some try to bypass our vetting by uploading a selection of weird, wacky and sometimes off the wall photos.

Here are our top 7 topics of dating profile photos we’re seeing at Muddy Matches that just don’t cut the mustard.

Like any good mud lover, we love a picture perfect countryside view. But we don’t love a countryside view as the lead vista on a dating profile we are looking to connect with. Let’s see those rugged good looks and your own natural charms rather than a rugged coastline or rolling hills any day of the week.

Number two on our list of things other than faces we see uploaded are trees. Sure, we have plenty of arborists, tree surgeons and tree huggers looking to meet their muddy match, but a photo of a tree – or any greenery for that matter – is just barking up the wrong er, tree. Noone’s ever said ‘his profile had a lovely Silver Birch on it’ when reporting dating success.

Ag machinery
Unsurprisingly, we see a lot of tractor pics uploaded as a main photo and many of the vintage kind too. It’s in our top 5 of profile interest picks. But as much as we love a classic International B414 or a John Deere 8410, it’s a niche step too far to display them as a main profile picture, when your face is just as good.

Animal selfies
Not as prevalent as it used to be but we still see a large number of farm animal selfies uploaded. It’s part and parcel of real rural life and they make for fabulous additional photos. But a cow, chicken, sheep or pig masquerading as the main photo on a dating profiles sends the wrong first impression.

Group Shots
What is it about uploading a group shot? Noone wants to play Where’s Wally whilst online dating, and yet we see plenty of group shots that try and sneak through as main photos. It sends off all the wrong vibes; unconfident, wallflower, lacking in sense value and worse still… fancying your friends instead.

Holiday photo and sunny days usually make for great main photos; bright, happy and relaxed. But then we spot the sunglasses. They may look cool with all theiR summer vibes but eyes are a big feature attraction and they say a lot about someone. That’s why sunglasses are a strict no no from us.

They are the bread and butter of other dating apps, and we see lots of filters and heavily edited photos landing with us. But we are all about celebrating real and genuine. Bunny ears, magic sparkles, and doe eyes are best left well alone.

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