5 festive themed dating behaviours to look out for

Friday, December 15th, 2023

At Muddy Matches, we’re open and honest enough to call a spade, a spade.

But other dating experts and relationship gurus out there do love to come up with, and coin, new buzzwords and dating lingo and then call it a ‘the new dating trend’.

We keep our ear to the ground and new online dating terms spring up a lot around this time of year. First we had cuffing season, now come a whole range of festive, and suitably fun, turns of phrase that describe new dating behaviours and online personas to look out for.

Here are five such ‘dating trends’ we have stumbled across of late. Whether they are being lived out on Muddy Matches or not, we’ll let you decide.

As it says on the globe. Being sold the idea that your relationship/connection has you in a magical, wintery fairytale bubble where all the good is on the inside to be discovered. It brings extra glow to the holiday season. Sickly sweet we know, until then the bubble bursts in January and you realise it was all just fantasy and artificial. After all, no one wants to be alone at Christmas, and snowglobing fills the void.

All that glitters must be gold right? Wrong, tinselling is that relationship or dating match which looks all well and good and happy for the festive period and appears as all shiny and new to friends and family from the outside looking in. However, Christmas spirit is actually covering up big cracks in that connection that you just know will just get deeper in January.

We’ve also heard this called Profile Sprucing as well. It about jumping on a hot to trot topical/seasonal bandwagon online but not living it in person. Snow-mancing or sprucing (as in dressing up a tree) is when daters dress their profile up with excessive festive cheer and Christmas charm to catch the eye… but, in reality, they are more Scrooge or Gringe personality wise when you’re hooked. We can be accused of encouraging snow-mancing ourselves here. In truth, we also encourage singles to wrap up profiles for lambing or harvest. Difference is, they truly live that lifestyle.   

Another dating behaviour we see less of at Muddy Matches than we know other dating websites, dating app and social media platforms struggle from. Giftingships is based upon building connections where there is a higher chance of a lavish lifestyle or being showered with gifts and presents during the festive season. This is not necessarily a scam, more someone craving attention at this time of year. Look out for singles mentioning their Amazon wishlists or giftboxes as in their message exchanges as a giveaway.

Now dexting we do get. In true guru fashion, Dexting is a fusion of dating and texting (clever, huh?) and is all about those matches that constantly text and message back and forth with no real intention of meeting in real life. And it’s not the grubby side of sexting either. This is more life routine stuff, mundane everyday messages which give the sense you’re in a relationship without the actually ever being together bit.

We know a lot of mud lovers who look to combat dexting by saying I’m not looking for a penpal. ‘Let’s just connect and meet’ in their profile with us.

Have we missed any festive dating trends of buzzwords, worth of making our list? If so, let us know.

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