Take a check on the time pressures of dating.

Thursday, November 30th, 2023

How quicky do you reply to messages you receive from people who like your online dating profile?

We recently read an international study that said ‘40% of single respondents, aged 25 and above, shared their view that messages must be replied to within 24 hours if they want to be taken seriously.

It seems, today’s online dater is in a hurry, but that’s not the experience we are seeing, or hearing from the single folk who choose to date on Muddy Matches.

When people talk of the stress and pressures that come when online dating, it’s that kind of stat – a sense of urgency – that re-enforces it.

We take a different stance, believing that taking the foot off the pedal, and deciding to online date at your own pace is key to being comfortable, feeling empowered and in control of where any connections may go.

Dating with Muddy Matches does take a more traditional route. Values such as honesty, respect, decency, and patience matter much more than typically you will find on other UK dating sites and app.

Whilst some say it’s ‘clunky’ and even ‘old fashioned’, daters tell us they appreciate this slower form of dating – not least because it fits with, and acknowledges, the rural, remote lifestyles many of our singles live.

Replying in 24 hours? We get it, but for those living and working in the muddy corners of the UK and Ireland, their daily schedule and commitment to the land and animals sometimes simply doesn’t make a 24 hour reply possible. And that’s if WIFI and 4G even exists.

It’s not because they are not interested, rude, or waiting for a better offer as so often is perceived. It’s just not their immediate priority when out in the nations’ paddocks, cowsheds, and livery yards. A 4am start doesn’t mean they all they time in the world.

Add in the complications of harvest and lambing, and many of those dating with us don’t get a holiday of any sort, let alone will be checking their dating profile every day.  

We also know that love will wait if its right.
We have plenty of success stories from country couples, with the strongest of bonds, who have replied to messages after leaving them dormant for months on end, but now they are living their best life together.

Our conclusion: Why the rush? Long lasting, meaningful relationships start when you are relaxed, content and under no pressure to pursue things at pace.

Reply when you are ready, and on your terms – just make sure you do reply.

For nearly 2 decades now, Muddy Matches has been well trusted as the UK and Ireland’s original, award-winning online home of farmer dating and rural dating.

Attracting singles from all walks of country life, it is considered THE go-to online dating service to find love in the countryside.