7 turn offs women see when reading dating profiles

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

The Huffington Post may not be the most agricultural of titles that our singles can take advice from whilst rural dating. However, it did spell out some of the biggest telltale icks women pick up on when reading dating profiles. We think there’s some value in some of them.

The turn offs include a list of common things found in online dating profiles across dating apps and websites, and Muddy Matches is no exception to the rule, either.

Here are a few immediate turn offs that we think some country gents could well take on board when composing their carefully worded Muddy Matches dating profile:

Saying they’re looking for “no drama”.
This can be misread as ‘I won’t be there for you if ever there’s a problem’. Let’s face it, the stresses and strains of life just brings drama sometimes. It’s how you react to it that matters way more.

Writing super long, meandering answers and bio copy.
At Muddy Matches we welcome a thorough bio and thought through descriptions but sometimes, too much detail can be imposing, and women just don’t do well with waffle.

Saying you went to the ‘University of Life’.
Also see: ‘School of Hard Knocks’. It’s often a throw away quip to give off a sense of being grounded in real life but it’s a top 10 turn off for single women apparently. It suggests hard-headedness and an unwillingness to embrace culture and bettering yourself.

“Anything else, just ask”
The idea you are an ‘open book’, keen to message and disclose more isn’t cutting the mustard either. Women indicated it doesn’t drive intrigue and it only gives them the sense they have to put in more than their fair share of groundwork to find out more about you. That ‘starts the relationship off on the wrong foot’.

Focussing too heavily on what you don’t like, don’t ‘want’ or aren’t attracted to!
Women are more attracted to positive, sunny, outwardly open-minded profiles that are based on the positive aspects of dating, love and relationship. Mentioning your dislikes, especially when it comes physical features and personality type, send totally the wrong message.

‘I’m looking for a real woman’
That word ‘real’ is the issue here. What is ‘real’ that ‘real men’ go looking for? We believe it’s actually meant as a positive – being genuine and 100% you – but often taken in a completely different, negative light.

‘No snowflakes’
We also see ‘No Vegans’ quite a bit on Muddy Matches dating profiles. The feedback on lifestyle choices is the same; what is likely meant as honesty – to save wasting people’s time – can come across as short minded, and socially ignorant.

And as for those all-important profile photos?

Keep group photos to a minimum – and pick yourself out easily.

Don’t share pics with other women.

Noone needs to see 8 mirror selfies.

Additional photos should celebrate your interests.

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