What can lesser muddy singles tell us about love?

Friday, June 30th, 2023

From spontaneous social butterflies to celebrating individuality: 9 things country singles can learn from daters living a life much less rural

With the rural lifestyle associated to strong community bonds, a connection to nature and simpler, slower-paced living, it is no surprise that almost 20% of singles dating on Muddy Matches tag themselves as 40% muddy or under.

With the lesser muddy species of online dater in mind, the Muddy Matches dating advice blog often focusses on the real realities of country love. After all, rural and remote love and relationships are very often a different breed.

As the original home of countryside dating, we are best placed to give a rundown on what they can expect when countryside dating, dating farmers or matching with country singles. It’s not always a walk in the park.

This blog flips this on its head though and looks at what the hordes of country singles can learn about love and relationships from people who live a life much less rural.

Here are the common topics they tell us about.

Keeping it fresh.
Spontaneity is so important in keeping any relationship fresh, fun, and interesting. All too often we hear rural singles tell us they are wedded to the land, their job or the animals and finding time to let human relationships fully bloom is tough. ‘Townies’ know the value of spontaneity – of doing something on a whim because ‘they just fancy it’ or explore something new – and can encourage that in a partner.

Work-Life Balance.
Rural folk work hard, but they don’t often play hard – or so we hear! We hear from country couples who say holidays are rare, and celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries are understated. Townies value a strong work-life balance and know a change of scenery, every now and then, is critical in building meaningful, harmonious connections. They make better use of planned opportunities to escape routines and norms of daily life – nights out, weekend away, even a long road trip – fitting them into their busy schedule for the betterment of their wellbeing and spending quality time together.

Life Experience.
Variety is the spice of life. Urban areas often have a greater depth in diversity of relationships, and this brings life exposure – and experience – to different outlooks on life, values, traditions, and resets the moral compass. This exposure can really help enhance tolerance, open-mindedness, and acceptance of differing opinion; all ingredients that can only benefit a blooming relationship.

A deeper appreciation.
Townies are often associated with not appreciating the harsh realities of rural life. However, flip this around and it could be argued that they have a wider appreciation for the countryside as it is all new and novel to them. Not being knee deep in it means you can always spot the beauty, wow, and wonder first hand. That magic and learning can really bond people, not least in breaking with tradition, and bringing fresh eyes and ideas to it. Absence, after all, makes the heart grow fonder.

Urban areas often place a premium on effective communication and emotional intelligence due to the increased social interactions and complexities of city life. It’s a hardened culture to speak your mind but always listen. This culture can teach lots about active listening, assertiveness, and expressing emotions openly and proudly. All this, as soft as it may sound, can help foster healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

The power of decisiveness
Those living a life less rural often have more options and freedom to explore their own desires and make informed choices that best fit with their values. Rural folk can benefit from this sense of autonomy and decisiveness in making life choices that bring happiness and fulfilment rather than just be accepting of what’s in front of them because that’s on offer. But it’s also a speed thing; making the best decision for you, quickly, swiftly, and then simply moving on with it.

Breaking stereotypes
Dismantling traditional gender roles and breaking down stereotypes is part and parcel of those living a life more concrete, where inclusion, and equality are buzz words high on the agenda. Typically, this can install selflessness, and the importance of treating partners as equals, promoting mutual respect and support when it comes to ambitions and goals.

Celebrate individuality.
Urban living encourages, and celebrates, individuality, placing emphasis on someone’s uniqueness and authenticity. ‘Townies’ will be more inclined to embrace eccentricity, stand out from the crowd and warm to those that are a little (ok, very) different from the norm. It can be tough and challenging in rural and remote locations to be the purple cow standing proud in a field, but it is something that should be championed.

Being a social butterfly.
Never the two worlds collide more than in social circles. Social isolation and loneliness is rife in rural areas and agricultural communities and yet the opposite is part and parcel of urban life where strangers become friends and people build up networks. Being a social butterfly, able to adapt to different scenarios, settings and situations around people is massive strength of character. Dating a townie can bring huge benefits socially; especially with regard being confident, comfortable, and socially aware.