“Quantity does not mean great quality” when dating

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

A ‘born and bred’ West Country mud lover has heaped praise on Muddy Matches as her online dating site of choice, insisting ‘quality is better than quantity.’

After a few years working overseas, 31-year-old Pip said she went on the hunt for a UK dating site that was more focused on her areas of interests. With a keen eye on nature and outdoor life. she stumbled across Muddy Matches, the original home of countryside dating.

“Whilst I have loved exploring different parts of the world, I started to miss home,” Pip says. “I know there’s a big world out there to explore, but I am definitely a home bird.

“For me it was finding a dating site that was more specific to personality, rather than just joining dating apps that offer thousands of people to search through,” Pip tells us.

“Quantity does not mean great quality.”

It is something we often hear, from both sides of the coin; from those singles that appreciate the wheat already sorted from the chaff, so to speak, versus those that would prefer to plough on through the numbers game.

The quality of country life dating is never questioned; and it’s not as if Muddy Matches is short on quantity either. In the 15 years we have been connecting rural people, Muddy Matches has attracted over ¾ million genuine country singles, from all walks of country life, to join.

It’s just that not all online dating websites are a cattle market.

At Muddy Matches, we put value in the personal touch and traditional way of dating. Manners matter, common courtesy, decency, respect, honesty, and open-mindedness are bread and butter. 

Our manual vetting of prospective profiles also sees us turn away on average 35% of those that try to join due to the country credentials or aspirations not being in line with our values.

We know those mud lovers who choose to date with us appreciate, trust, and see the value in this too.

Pip certainly did; and she also met her match, with whom she now lives.

“Being able to connect with someone who really values the same thing as you makes a big difference to finding a good connection.” she says.

“My muddy match and I share so many of the same values and aspirations. We connected over a shared dream of one day owning our own smallholding, but also a love of the great outdoors.

“Being true muddy people, we also love doing things like the Grim Run (lots of running through ice cold muddy puddles), long dog walks, and going wild swimming.

“So, it’s great to have someone so keen (or maybe ‘mad’) on similar things to encourage me, and join me, in the pursuits I enjoy”

As for her overall online dating experience with Muddy Matches?

“It was really quite easy once I’d worked out the various features and functions. I was reluctant initially to pay, but I really think having a small fee just shows people are looking for something more than just a general hook up.

“It was receiving a message from Jack that made me decide that it was worth investing a little money and seeing what could happen.”

Having seen her countryside connection with match Jack fully bloom, we know she’s glad she did.

It sounds heavenly.

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