Nothing says love like a Guinness slurping horse

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

“We bonded quickly, not least over her horse’s love of slurping Guinness”

Good things come to those that wait!

St Patrick’s Day 2022 offers as good as reason as any to celebrate a Guinness slurping horse whose love of the famous black stuff helped put at ease the nerves of two mud lovers on a first date in a country pub.

The shared laughter over something so silly and so typically muddy immediately created a relaxed atmosphere on which chemistry could bloom; and it worked wonders with the horse’s owner, Liz ending up marrying muddy match Mark two years later.

It’s the kind of quirky ice breaker that you will really only find – but should expect to experience – when online dating at Muddy Matches; the UK’s original home of farmer love and country-life dating.

Muddy Matches have ploughed 15 years experience into matching rural folk and genuine country singles – who spend their life in muddy boots – based upon interests, background, lifestyle and outlook on country-life.

And, over those years, the family run team have seen countryside connections formed over the muddiest of subjects; from a love of vintage tractor collections or a passion for game shooting season to messaging exchanges about ferreting, gourmet goats and rare breed sheep.

One country life dater was even brazen enough to open conversation with a fellow mud lover’s by asking for tips on how to train a labrador after seeing plenty of puppies in her profile. It too had the desired effect. They tied the know in 2020, inspired by a first message about how naughty his labs were.

Looking at it this way, a Guinness slurping horse doesn’t seem all that unusual.

Secret is, Muddy Matches isn’t your typical dating service. Lifestyle matters more than location. Common ground and common courtesy play a big part in messaging exchanges and a love of animals is a big plus.

Muddy singles like to get into the nitty gritty, and under the skin, of who they are talking to and would rather talk cows – and/or sheep – for hours rather than get muddy in other ways.

And if there’s an anecdote or two from being elbow deep in lambing season or from the cowsheds and livery yards across the nation, then so be it. Anything’s game… even turning up for a date with pheasants slung in the back of the Land Rover.

Over 3/4 million genuine country singles have signed up down the years looking to unearth a soulmate to talk cows to.

Question is; who will you unearth?

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