Has lockdown made ‘I love you’ easier to declare?

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

As ‘I love you’ is reportedly said quicker than expected in a new relationship, we wonder if the breathing space of lockdown has made it easier to air.

So, a new ‘love survey’ commissioned by greeting card giant Thortful.com suggests that the average Brit enjoying the buzz of a new relationship now utters ‘I love you’ within less than a month.

That’s somewhat quicker than traditionally expected and, somewhat surprisingly, blokes are quickest to do so.

Old wisdom used to be that it took around three months for those important three little words to be shared when newly coupled up.

Now one in five say they would declare their love within three months of connecting with a higher percentage choosing to go quicker.

Maybe it’s a lockdown thing that has encouraged people to be more willing and open with their feelings after periods of thinking time enforced upon them? Time locked down from family and friends has, for all its’ strange and uncertain bits, brought welcome breathing space, without too many external influences, to reflect and consider what really matters in life and love.

The slower pace of life which many have embraced and to which many are so accustomed now, has offered a chance to reflect – and so often on than not, that’s inspired a change in outlook when it comes to life’s wish list or pace at which life was heading.

Lots of daters are telling us that they have given a thorough review of what they are looking for, and hold dearest, when it comes to matters of the heart and that has given them a much clearer idea of what happiness – or online dating success – looks like.

It also gives a clearer picture of what people don’t want, allowing them to sort the wheat from the chaff (in muddy language) and to get to their happy place quicker.

The feelings of detachment and separation experienced during lockdowns, and through the following months heighten a person’s emotional state; absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder but it also makes the heart realise when a good thing comes along.

We hear a lot of members talk that they appreciate time together is now more precious and they are a lot more comfortable making others around feel loved and appreciated.

Call it ‘lockdown spirit’ but that sense of emotional togetherness was likely going to continue in one form or another. Kindness was one way, a openness and comfort to express how you feel much more readily is another; and it can only be a good thing.

Whilst men have certainly become a little more relaxed when showing their true feelings, women choose to wait longer before putting their heart truly out there. 18% state they’ve held out declaring their love past the three-month marker.

Here at Muddy Matches, we see a similar gender trend when it comes to mutually matched message exchanged.

Country gents, in general, tend to be a lot more willing to send emotionally charged messages that praise profiles, register interest and lay down their dating intentions, playing their hand early. Recognitions of appearance still remain high, and in many cases a compliment is used as the ice breaker – but messages are certainly getting more than skin deep.

Whereby female mud lovers prefer to spend a more time exploring shared interests, common ground and outlooks on life – as well as other options open to them in their search results – before committing to anything more in unmoderated spaces.

Female mud lovers like to take their time, digging deeper whilst demonstrating patience in their pursuit of happiness. In the case of head versus heart, the head is definitely starting to get the upper hand.

It’s also why men who lead with their WhatsApp number or make references to continuing the chat on Instagram or Snapchat tend to receive fewer responses to their upfront messages than those who let the connection bloom on the Muddy Matches messaging service.

Either way, “I love ewe” is said a great deal between mud lovers – on a daily basis.  Almost as much, in fact, as “I love cows!”

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