15 sure-fire tips to crafting meaningful messages that online daters adore

Sunday, February 13th, 2022
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15 sure-fire tips to crafting meaningful messages that we know cut the mustard with mud loving singletons.

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So we thought it welcome opportunity to offer some updated advice on what that ‘exciting but daunting’ meaningful first message looks like.

Whether you an old school romantic, a question poser, or someone who is full of flirty fun, our 15 quickfire tips are a sure fire way to craft a message that will be appreciated.

So here goes…


Cut out the copy and pasting – Give every message you send your full care attention, take some time to craft it and ensure you add a personal touch. Including their name builds rapport and creates a feeling of warmth straight away.


Prompt an active response by opening with a ‘simple to answer’ question that relates directly to interests or information displayed on their profile. Keep the question compelling, unusual, interesting, or fun. How are you? won’t cut the mustard.


Keep that first message short and sweet, punchy, and impactful to prick their curiosity. Strike a balance that doesn’t overwhelm with reams of text to wade through. 100-150 characters is the ideal length to catch the eye.


Be bags more compelling, intriguing, and engaging than simply writing ‘Hi’. In a world where 70% of online dating messages are less than 6 letters long (yes, 6), it’s important to stand out to get noticed.


Relate your message to their profile, interests, and hobbies – this will be appreciated as it is shows you have taken the time to actually read their profile properly. People also find comfort and reassurance in talking about their passions.


Hone in, and focus, on the things you have in common ground to re-enforce you’d be a good match with things to bond over. It also steers the future conversation into a subject your personality can flourish in.


Add familiar lines inspired by popular culture such as song lyrics, film quotes, book references or even catchphrases – but ensure it makes sense with references in their profile. Country life has inspired many a romantic poet and playwright.


These days, a slower pace of dating is encouraged and it has taken the urgency out of meeting in person; so don’t rush it or quickly push to exchange details – it heightens people’s senses, and sends the wrong message of your motives.


Recognise the awkwardness of putting yourself out there and making the first contact online that could end in rejection– celebrate it even in your message. It shows self awareness and authenticity that people appreciate.


Flirty and fun? Quirky and intriguing? Philosophical? Or the Teasing Type… Pick a style and tone for your messages, set it for the first message and then absolutely stick to it. Above all, be natural and make sure it represents the real you in you were to meet in real life.


It’s all about them… Yes, of course introduce yourself and give a little more away about yourself than already in your profile but keep the message 80-90% focused on the object of your desire. Their sense of self worth and esteem will trigger them to reply. Make sure to answer any questions they ask in their profile copy.


Add a little slice of humour like a witty observation based upon a line or two in their profile. Puns are acceptable or maybe a clever little twist on what they mention in their bio. Displaying an educated sense of humour or some cheeky and playful teasing is shown to naturally relax the reader.


As much as photos attract you, steer clear of a message loaded up on complimenting appearance and looks. It may be what caught your eye, but it can be misread and come across as somewhat shallow.


Leave something to the imagination – your wish lists and ‘would like to haves’ can come later. Don’t make the recipient feel they are compelled to reply by going into the nitty gritty of your life story at such an early stage. The sympathy reply carries no weight.


Be it cows, wellies, tractors, map reading or even dunking biscuits…. Pick a theme for your opening message that’s quirky and relevant then run with it throughout. It gives scope for fun and friendly replies that are ‘on theme’ allow for cheeky questions. It breeds familiarity and connection over something shared.