It was only natural I’d find love on Muddy Matches

Tuesday, February 01st, 2022

From matching to marriage. Country life dating tips that work from a real mud lover who just knew Muddy Matches would unearth her a husband.

A mud loving online dater who unearthed her ‘muddy’ husband on Muddy Matches after a few years ‘on and off’ country life dating  says she is ‘so pleased’  she got stuck in the mud!

Felicity, from Hampshire, joined Muddy Matches in August 2017 with hopes of landing a kind, well mannered country gent who matched the ‘muddy characteristics’ she was looking for.

And, after a number of ‘fun but unsuitable dates’ and a plethora of message exchanges, 2 years on she mutually matched with Tom, her now husband.

“I knew in my gut Muddy Matches would be the natural place for me to find my future partner; someone who was similar to me and with whom I had things in common” says long time Muddy Matches member, Felicity.

“Your standard swipey apps and free dating sites only seemed to have dross who had nothing in common with me. They didn’t have the same calibre as Muddy Matches so I always returned.

“Meeting someone with a similar ethos, who would be happiest going for a dog walk and wanted the same things as me longer term was really important, and it really appealed.

Mutual match Tom did just that from the get go. Felicity says his profile gave ‘opportunity to ask opening questions’ and he stood out in her search results thanks to “a smiley face and a wide variety of photos”.

“From messaging, Tom’s kindness, motivation, and sense of humour really shone through. We were messaging and having phone calls for a few weeks before we met up face to face.  We met In February 2019, and married in September 2021, after we survived lockdown together.

As for her tips to other mud lover looking for their life soulmate on Muddy Matches, Felicity has 4 perfectly groomed hints:

The perks of upgrading to Premium will pay off work.
When you subscribe, make the most of the ‘Premium’ option which allows other people to respond without subscribing. You may be pleasantly surprised who lands in your inbox. I used this to get a nibble on my profile. I paid the upgrade on my subscription and it paid off for me.

Keep refining your search criteria!
If something isn’t working, try a different search. Tom was much younger than I’d normally been looking for, and he lived further away than I’d have considered previously. 

Hobby yourself interesting
Find a new hobby and add it to your profile. There’s so many cool things to try; pottery, rock climbing, activities, solo group travel,  Explorers Connect, wild swimming groups, glass blowing etc. Are you coming across as friendly and interesting?  Maybe get a friend to check over your profile.

Don’t give up!
There were a LOT of dates before I had my last first date. Please don’t give up hope. Until you find your ideal person, keep yourself, and your profile, busy.

“There are good ones out there… Keep looking.”