Farmers busy making hay, not love with co-workers

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

A rare breed? Farmers don’t feature in a list of occupations who get their kicks with co-workers or colleagues

The top 10 list of professions mostly likely to have intimate relations with a work colleague was revealed yesterday, and farmers, and ag workers, were not ranked.

They were clearly too busy making hay, not love together.

The list of jobs in which sexual chemistry is most likely to fizz between co-workers is headed up by police officers, with artists, IT workers, bankers and HR execs also high ranking.

In fact 44%* of police officers surveyed confessed they’d had a one-night fling with a fellow bobby. Even bus/train drivers exceeded the average of 1 in 4.

Farmers on the other hand, despite topping a 2019 nationwide poll of occupations reportedly having the most nookie, were nowhere to be seen when it came to frivolous relations with those they share the nation’s cowsheds, barns and livery yards with.

Is it a blessing in disguise though? Their omission beefs up ongoing studies that loneliness, and social isolation remains rife in rural areas and agricultural communities, leading to worsening mental health statistics.

It is why the ongoing work of charities such as Yellow Wellies, Farming Community Network, YANA and The DPJ Foundation is so critically important.

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It comes at a time too where the percentage of people meeting their significant other at work is on the decline (no wonder with WFH back in force), and the volume of relationships started out online continues to flourish.

For the record, teaching was the profession least likely to ‘get it on’ with a colleague with social workers and scientists also reporting honourable figures.

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