Are You Making An Online Dating Mistake?

Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Are You Making An Online Dating Mistake?

Online dating sounds pretty easy right? Choose your dating site (hello – the top countryside dating site for muddy-minded singles), create your account and then subscribe! After browsing through the other rural romantics out there, you start to message someone and conversation sparks back and forth! Eventually you meet up for your first real-life date and bam! You’ve found your countryside soul mate.

Although this may be the story for some countryside singles, for others the muddy path to true love might not be so smooth. Why not give today’s Muddy Matches dating blog a read and ask yourself if you’re making any of these common online dating mistakes which might be hindering your rural journey for love.

1. Leaving vital information from your profile

When you first register with Muddy Matches we guide you through a fun registration process which asks you to fill in details about you, your hobbies and lives, your job and the kind of person you’re on the lookout for. We understand that you really want to get to the good part and start connecting with other rural romantics out there, it’s worth taking the time to fill in your online dating profile as completely as you can. This way, other countryside singles out there will get a fantastic sense for who you are and what you’re about. The more information, the more likely other rural singles will be to reach and and start a conversation.

2. Oversharing

We all have that one friend who overshares, giving you way too much unnecessary information and far too much detail. Yes, we encourage you to share details about yourself but get the right balance. Too much information might put people off, and too much people might mean that when you start to chat, you haven’t got that much to say. Less can sometimes be more.

3. Choosing poor-quality photographs

Recently we introduced changes to our online dating terms meaning that you must upload a profile picture to your profile. So now it’s up to you to choose some fantastic, good quality photographs that really sum up you and your lifestyle. Backing up what you write in your online dating profile with your photos also gives other singles out there a really rounded view of who you are. Need some tips? Read our blog here about taking great photographs for your online dating profile on Muddy Matches.

4. Bending the truth

When you meet someone on, it can sometimes be tempting to stretch the truth and embellish the facts to make you seem more interesting or skim over your past. When you get to know someone really well though, you will be found out and the fledging relationship may be halted in its tracks.So, tell the truth, but tell it in a great way. So you’re a librarian by day. No problems. Consider something like ‘I get my kicks out of the Dewey Decimal System in working hours but in my free time I get a thrill from hacking in the hills’.

5. Choosing to ignore dating messages

Ignoring messages from other Muddy Matches romantics will not help you find love. The online dating message might not be the most exciting correspondence that you’ve ever received but remember, just like you, the sender may be feeling anxious, nervous, or unsure of what to say. Take time to take a good look at their profile and respond. Sometimes attraction can be a slow burner… so look beyond the first online dating message and take time to get to know someone before writing them off.