Five Ways To Get Through Lockdown 2.0

Thursday, November 05th, 2020

Five Ways To Get Through Lockdown 2.0


So once again, England finds itself in lockdown. And unlike summer, we no longer have the long, warm summer days to help us. Here at we stand with you and want to support you all as much as we can as a completely different November passes by. So here are five techniques we’ll be using ourselves to give each day joy and purpose. What helps you in lockdown? Please get in touch and let us know.

1. Get some Vitamin D

Did you know just how important Vitamin D is for our health and happiness? According to Healthline, Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. That’s as well as reducing your risk of multiple sclerosis, decreasing your chance of developing heart disease and helping to reduce your likelihood of developing the flu. In addition, Vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium as well as facilitating normal immune system function. So you can see just how important it is that we either absorb Vitamin D through our skin or take it as a supplement. Unlike Lockdown 1.0 where we were treated to hours of daylight and lots of sunlight, lockdown in GMT means that the nights draw in around 4pm. If you can, take some time each day to get outside, get some exercise and soak up some Vitamin D. A 45 minute walk on your lunch break or a pre-work walk should do the trick. You could also have a chat to your boss to see if flexible working could be an option – giving you longer in daylight hours to get outside and altering your hours so you’re working once dusk has fallen.

2. Don’t be lonely

Isolation and loneliness are key elements in the onset of anxiety and depression according to mental health charity MIND, so we urge you to keep in touch with your loved ones. There are so many ways nowadays; emails, phone calls, Whatsapp chats, Skype, even a good-old fashioned letter. Talking to someone will keep you connected and in touch and will help you feel loved and valued.

3. Make new connections

Lockdown doesn’t mean that love has to stop. Just like in Lockdown 1.0, countryside singles are taking to online dating to make new country connections. With more time on our hands, you can really get to know someone on our site – starting with exchanging online dating messages. We’ve got a full guide here to getting started with online dating in lockdown here. Taking things slowly means you can really get to know someone before you are able to meet – and it’s a great use of your time too! Head here for the Muddy Matches guide on how to have a great video date.

4. Challenge yourself to a new hobby

Let’s see the positives. Yes, you’re only allowed to leave your house for exercise and essential shopping, but all the time you’ll gain means you can really challenge yourself to something new. Being productive and stimulating our brains is essential for good mental health so why not set yourself up with a new hobby or challenge? Whether it’s cooking up some brand new dishes, doing up the spare room, learning to knit or play an instrument, whatever takes your fancy will fill your spare time, keep you focussed and motivated and give you an amazing new life skill.

5. Plan in some treats

Ok, we know that planning anything during a lockdown and global pandemic is a little bit tricky, but to prevent every day feeling monotonous and to give yourself purpose and something to look forward to, planning treats and excursions is brilliant. Whether it’s planning to try a new route for your daily walk, arranging to see an old friend for a socially-distanced walk, treating yourself to a weekend takeaway, or planning a video date with your muddy match, having something to look forward to will do wonders for your state of mind. For socially distanced dating ideas, we’ve got lots of ideas on Muddy Matches here.