The wonders of a Muddy Matches wink

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Never underestimate the power of a quick wink!

That’s the message from country life online dating experts Muddy Matches, where members can fire off a cheeky virtual wink – for free – to a fellow countryside loving single who catches their eye in their search results.

It’s the muddy equivalent of fleeting eye contact across a busy dancefloor or a lingering side glance in a bar (when bars were open, obviously). But it’s a feature that often gets overlooked by its bigger brother; the favourite – who’s intention is a lot clearer and less subtle. In fact, members opt to favourite three-times more than they choose to wink.

Now, Muddy Matches are on a mission to make that wink matter more again when it comes to starting a connection.

Away from online dating, lots of body language experts have looked at the science behind a wink and why your heart skips a beat when that special someone hits you with an unexpected but discreet little wink. It’s a flirty move but one often associated with playfulness; suggestive but soft and subtle.

And back in the online dating world, a quick straw poll of our Muddy Matches members backs that up.

“I’m not averse to firing off a cheeky wink and then wait to see what reaction it gets” says horse lover, Sophie, 31 from Cumbria. “Adding someone I’ve just looked at the profile of to my favourites list just feels a bit too keen so I will wink and then wait.”

Sophie has a decent success rate with the volume of country gents who wink back at her then the conversation blooms. She gets a fair number of dates from it too, but she is still waiting to unearth her muddy soulmate. “I won’t wink at just anyone. I have to really like them” she adds.

Katie is in a similar camp; “I will wink knowing that they will get a notification to visit my profile and then I hope that they like what they see and choose to match with me.

“I don’t mind making that the first move with a wink; it pulls the ball into their court when it comes to the next step. If they wink back, favourite me or, better still, send me a message the, great. I’ve already shown my interest. It lets me know what they are thinking.

Laura, a countryside photographer, caught the eye of her dream farmer by using the wink feature to its best effect. “I saw his profile and thought he was handsome so I winked hoping that he would send me a message. He did so I got a subscription just to read that one message. It got me all excited.

“I now know the wink made him look at my profile and he thought “oooh, she’s lovely. I’ll send her a message.”

So the question is; when was the last time you winked at someone on Muddy Matches?
Go on, give it a go.