How Not To Write Your Muddy Matches Online Dating Profile

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

How Not To Write Your Muddy Matches Online Dating Profile

Hands up if you’ve ever experienced writers’ block. Now, hands up if you’ve had writer’s block because you’re staring at a blank box on your screen when you’re writing your online dating profile. We’ve been there, we feel your pain and terror, and we are here to help!

Today’s countryside dating advice blog post is dedicated to giving you the lowdown on what not to do when it comes to writing your online dating profile. Please, sit back and enjoy our sure-fire guide to making sure that the true, country-loving you shines through your muddy dating profile. Take note, take action and let the countryside connections begin!

Don’t write the minimum possible

When you sign up to countryside dating with Muddy Matches you might notice that we have a minimum word count of 50 words on your ‘About Me’ section. This isn’t to torture you, no. Rather, it’s to encourage you to expand on the preferences and details you’ve selected and to offer extra information about you and your interests to make a truly unique profile. We find that the more complete profiles are the ones that get the most attention, so it’s worth taking time to complete these sections in full.

Don’t overshare

Although this might sound contrary to point 1, it’s important that you find the right balance between giving enough detail to pique a rural connection’s interest and giving so much that it’s information overload. It might help to think about your online dating profile as a snapshot glance of who you are, what you do and what you love, with the aim of encouraging other country singles to contact you to find out more. There’s no need to share your life story. Keep it simple details to tantalise, spark a conversation and leave something to the imagination. After all, you need something to talk about on your first countryside date, right?

Don’t try to be someone who you are not

We know that, as you’ve chosen the niche countryside dating site that is Muddy Matches as your dating site of choice, you are confident and happy with who you are and your countryside lifestyle. So what’s the point of saying something different online and trying to present yourself as something different? Perhaps you’re lacking in self-esteem and think that other rural single might not be interested in someone like you. Perhaps you think you need to create a false impression to attract someone? This is our advice for you. Being genuine, honest and authentic is what makes you unique and special, and that will attract the right person for you – the basis for a long, happy and healthy relationship.

Don’t hide behind online dating cliches and catchphrases

When you’re faced with a blank page and have no idea what to right, it can be very easy to hide your uncertainty behind standard phrases and cliches. Sure, use them as a starting point but then expand with your own personal take on what you love and why. For example, ‘I love to travel’ is pretty standard, so carry on to chat about a recent place you’ve visited and why you were drawn to it. Insights like this will give potential country partners a chance to glimpse your true personality and what makes you tick. And, they make for a pretty awesome conversation starter too.

Don’t list the requirements of who you are looking for like a job specification

There’s nothing wrong with being clear about the type of person you’re looking for; after all we do ask you when you fill out your Muddy Matches profile. However, it’s better to have an idea of the values and lifestyle of your ideal partner rather than a detailed list of physical attributes and monetary assets. Rather than aiming to meet someone who fits an exacting list, try to keep an open mind and be willing to chat with people who don’t necessarily fit your profile. Listing exactly who you are looking for comes across as being super-hard to please and will also put off rural singles who might have otherwise have reached out to contact you.

Don’t be lonely

When you’re starting out, rural online dating can feel a bit like hard work; where do you start, what do you write, how do you reach out to contact someone you like the look of? Share the load and get a friend involved. They’re your friend for a reason so they’ll be able to help you write an online dating profile that shows off your best bits and also they’ll love hearing about who you’re chatting with. Someone who takes an interest will add in that little spark of excitement you might need to approach our countryside dating site with relish and enthusiasm!