How To Date When Your Countryside Match Has Kids

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

How To Date When Your Countryside Match Has Kids

Do you want kids? Do you have kids? Are you open to someone who already has children? When you find a countryside match on our niche countryside dating website who comes with a couple of ‘extras’, rural dating might be a little trickier than usual. But, with today’s dating advice blog, we’ve got all the information you need to find love in the countryside when there are children involved.

1. You may not always be ‘number one’

As much as you may want and need to be number one in your rural match’s eyes, it’s important to understand that their children will probably always come first – and that’s ok. Especially if your new dater co-parents and has their kids over to stay regularly, or if they live with them full time, your countryside love may often have to make decisions that prioritise their offspring. It’s important to accept that early on, then do your best to work with your country love to find a way of dating and a relationship that works for you both.

2. Let your date introduce their children when they feel it’s right

Your muddy match’s children are clearly going to be an important part of your lives, and you might be keen to meet them as soon as possible. Wait, though, until the time is right. Your online dating match might want to wait until they are sure there is a real connection and relationship to build before introducing you to their offspring in order to protect them and provide stability. Be patient, get to know your countryside love and you’ll meet their family when the time is right.

3 . Make the most of the time you have together

Parenting is a full time job, so any free time for your rural love is going to be at a premium. If you’ve made plans to have a date, then try not to flake out. Make the most of every precious moment you have together and make a connection that lasts. And, as you get to know each other better, the kids could even come along on a date too. What better way to get to know each other?

4. Respect boundaries

There may be different reasons why your muddy match is a single parent. If the ex-partner of your new countryside love is still around, it’s important to respect that there is still a relationship there because of the children. Try not to be drawn on to sides and remain neutral if any arguments occur.

5. Give your rural match plenty of time to organise a date

If you’re a single with no ties, it might be easy to organise a spontaneous date. For those with children though, there may be all sorts of logistics which need to be sorted, from babysitters and school pick-ups to overnight bags and homework. Don’t be worried if your date can’t meet you when you want to, or takes some time to get back to you about countryside dating plans; it’s all in the organisation.