Seven Questions To Ask Yourself When You Start Online Dating With Muddy Matches

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Seven Questions To Ask Yourself When You Start Online Dating With Muddy Matches

Since the beginning of lockdown, we’ve seen a surge in the number of countryside daters hopping online to find love in the countryside. Contrary to what you might think, lockdown is actually a wonderful time to start online dating. With a lot of rural singles online, more time at home and opportunity to invest in online messaging and really get to know people and make deep countryside connections, you can entertain yourself in getting to know lots of other people, ready to date in real life as soon as you are able.

Before you embark on the adventurous journey of love, though, it’s worth reflecting on your dating habits. Is your current approach sabotaging your chances of finding love with a fellow countryside lover? Work through our seven point check-list to find out.

1. Have you got a narrow vision of who you are looking for?

Books, films and anecdotes lull us into the sense of a perfect romance, that there is one perfect person out there for you. Stop right there! Before you even start online dating with our niche dating site, Muddy Matches, you need to take a reality check. Be aware that finding a rural lover who fits the dream picture in your mind is very unlikely to happen. Try to stay open-minded and keen to meet people who may not tick all of your dream scenario boxes. And when you meet someone who you click with, try not to compare them with that fictionalised version of your perfect partner who lives in your head. Get to know them and value them for who they are.

2. Are you comparing your experience with other peoples?

Social media, and our friends, can sometimes give us the impression that the (country) path to true (rural) love is smooth. However, your journey is going to be unique to you, with twists and turns that you might not expect. Comparing yourself with others who you see as ‘perfect couples’ will do you no favours. So, take the pressure off and enjoy your own unique journey to love in the countryside.

3. Have you got unrealistic expectations?

Which needs us handily on to the question of unrealistic expectations when you’re on our rural online dating site.
Hopefully you know that real life is very different from a romantic film. Things go wrong, virtual dates don’t go to plan, and sometimes things don’t turn out happily ever after. However, once you let go of this notion, you can be amazed by the surprise and happiness that dating can bring. Remember, we’ve published lots of #MuddyEverAfter Success Stories to show you love is out there, and that each and every experience is different.

4. Are you holding on to a painful past?

We’ve all got our fair share of relationship and emotional baggages. You may have been treated poorly in the past, may be holding a lot of grief, or have anxieties about relationships. Although you’re never going to forget your past experiences and relationships, remember that they have shaped you into the person you are today. It’s also essential to remember that countryside dates who you meet online have no idea about what’s happened in the past and you can start with a clean slate. It’s time to let go of any of the fear you hold, be brave and see what happens in your rural dating journey.

5. Do you play hard to get?

Life is short, countryside dating is fun, so why play hard to get? Explore your countryside connections and be honest. If you like someone and they like you, be honest, be frank and let the love spark.

6. Are you pretending to be someone else?

When you’re writing your online dating profile on and choosing your profile pictures, try your best to be authentically you. Don’t try to be the person you think that other people want you to be. Just be you. Plain and simple. Being you, and confidently you, is one of the most attractive things that you can be.

7. Are you making online dating the one and only interest in your life?

As much as we love seeing you on our countryside dating site Muddy Matches, we know that it’s only healthy to make online dating a part of your life, rather than all of your life. By seeing it as a fun, enjoyable part of your life, you’ll take the pressure off and really enjoy chatting with other rural singles. So, make sure you make time to chat to family and friends, pursue your own interests, and approach online dating in a light-hearted, open-minded way.