Six Tips To Boost Your Online Dating Success With Muddy Matches

Monday, May 04th, 2020

Five Tips To Boost Your Online Dating Success With Muddy Matches

How long have you been online dating with Muddy Matches? A week? A month? A year? If you’re still waiting to find a muddy match for more than just a roll in the hay, and are getting frustrated that your online dating efforts haven’t yet paid off, you might find these tips helpful. In today’s countryside dating blog, we’re giving you the simple tools you need to get more attention for your online dating profile. So, make yourself a cup of tea, settle down and overhaul your countryside dating approach!

If you have been on an online dating website for a long time without any success, then you are probably wondering how you can attract more attention with your online dating profile. Here are some tips for getting more attention online.

1. Check that your main profile picture is up to date, clear and bright

When you’re online dating, a rural single’s main profile picture is the first thing that will catch your eye and encourage you to click on their dating profile and find out more. The exact same happens in reverse, so it’s worth making sure that your picture speaks a thousand words and entices other singles to click on your profile! Make sure that your profile is clear, bright, shows your face clearly (smiling is always a good choice) and a fantastic representation of you. For an extra boost, change your main photo regularly to keep your profile fresh and encourage other rural singles to find out more about you. Different photos look good and attractive to different people, so swapping yours often is an easy and great way to maximise your chances of finding love online.

2. Populate your profile with even more photos

Even if you’re not the greatest, most eloquent writer, you can tell the story of who you are, what you love to do and your values through your choice of photo. Choose a variety which show you at your best; whether that’s with your family, with your beloved animals, working on the farm, having a countryside adventure or just chilling out. It’s a good idea to support what you say in your online dating profile text with your photos too, to show that you really do live the rural life you describe.

3. Complete our ‘How Muddy Are You’ Quiz and show off your credentials

It doesn’t matter if you’re 100% or 10% muddy, taking our fun Muddy Matches quiz and wearing your rural credentials with pride is a great indicator to other muddy singles about just how much you live the countryside life. For example, if you come across a rural single who’s 100% muddy through and through, you know that they live and breathe the country life and from there you can imagine what kind of life and relationship you might live together, and vice versa.

4. Create an eye-catching headline

Did you know that the first line of your profile is what appears in peoples’ searches? As it will be the very first thing that other countryside lovers read about you, you need to make sure that it counts! If you can, make it snappy, eye-catching and representative of who you are to entice someone to click on your profile and get to know you better. Having a vague, clichéd first line does not show off the wonderful person you really are, does it?

5. Make the first move

If someone you see online dating with Muddy Matches catches your eye, why wait for them to contact you? The best way to have a successful and fun dating experience is to take the plunge. So, carry out a few searches to find countryside people who are up your country lane (ok, street), then get in touch. Sending them a bespoke message which is personalised to them – by using their name or referring to their job or hobbies, for example – is a fantastic way to get their attention and get the conversation going.

6. Widen your search criteria

One thing we often hear is that the same singles show up again and again in your online search results. A simple way to get more countryside singles displaying is to widen your dating search criteria. Are you being too narrow in your search? Are you looking for people within a limited age profile? Is your search restricted to a small radius of where you live? Adjusting your search and opening your mind means you’ll find new, exciting countryside matches. The love of your muddy life might be just one click away.