How To Date When You’re Social Distancing – The Muddy Matches Guide

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

How To Date When You're Social Distancing - The Muddy Matches Guide

As we heed the advice to stay in and self-distance, it’s really important to keep communicating with others, for our emotional health and mental wellbeing. Luckily, online dating with Muddy Matches is built for times when social distancing makes traditional forms of dating impossible.

With Muddy Matches, you can extend your social network online, let relationships blossom and find companions who share your interests and passions – time well spent so when the world gets back to normal you are in a good place to let love bloom.

So our message is simple to the country lovers out there; if you can’t spread muck, spread love. And it’s better to spread love, not germs.

When COVID-19 means we have to stay at home, Muddy Matches is here to bring love in to your home. Here are our top 10 virtual dates that can help bring a little rural romance to your social distance…. and don’t forget to wash your hands.

1. Cookalong

We all know the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach right? And just because you are in different locations doesn’t mean you can’t still set up a tasty dinner date. Chat via the Muddy Matches online message service to choose your day, time and menu, then order your matching ingredients in, set up a video call and follow the recipe step by step together. Light a couple of candles, pour a glass of wine then sit down at your own dining table to share the same meal. Whose turned out best? Who didn’t season properly? Dinner date romance = very much alive and kicking.

2. Take a virtual road trip through some countryside hot spots

Yes, we know a virtual city break is all too easy with 360 online tours available for most major cities but how about something a little more muddy? We suggest that you share a virtual road trip taking in some of the UK’s majestic countryside. Snake Pass in the Peak District, Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, Brecon in Wales, Lairg to Laxford Bridge in Scotland or even the Buttertubs Pass in the Yorkshire Dales all offer majestic scenery and countryside calm? Check out the Virtual Road Trip here.

3. Virtual Cinema Club

A cinema date where you actually get to talk to one another during the film! Organic popcorn at the ready, agree a time, choose a film, and press ‘Play’ simultaneously. Then, virtually chat over the Muddy Matches messaging service or Whatsapp or Twitter (#muddyisolation) as the plot unfolds. We think this is a blockbuster of an idea.

4. Netflix Party

Oh, yes. Now you can watch your favourite shows and movies on Netflix, with the (virtual) company of your date. The group chat option makes it easy to share your thoughts and reactions, and you can pause simultaneously too. Self-isolating evenings, sorted.

5. Gaming

One for all of you gaming buffs! Log online and go head to head (or, even better, work as a team) on one of your favourite online games or quests – try chess, Scrabble, cards and backgammon. This date truly will give you a different perspective on what makes your date tick! And you’ll give your mind a good workout too.

6. Country walk – together but apart

We all know that a countryside walk is super-romantic but when you can’t head out together you can still enjoy it AND each other’s company with a phone call. Plug in your headphones, head outdoors and pass the time of day as you get some much-needed exercise, head space and fresh air.

7. Poetry night

Remember playing consequences when you were young? This date idea steps it up a notch and lets your creativity flow. Head to our Muddy Matches online dating messaging page, then send your country love a verse of poetry that you’ve penned yourself. The ball’s then in their court to write the next verse and send it back… continue as long as the words keep flowing.

8.Have your own virtual ‘house in the country’ by touring the 360c views

When you’re self-isolating, you really can let your imagination run wild. Got a vision of a house by the sea? Always wanted to live on Dartmoor? This is your chance to share your rural dream with your muddy date. Pick up the phone, then use Google Maps to check out your area of choice.

9. Play Where in the World with Google Maps

The time has come for you and your countryside match to have your very own online treasure hunt. Pick a landmark or location where you ‘virtually are’ then send your companion clues by Whatsapp, Skype or message so that your companion can work out where you are. Let’s go find somewhere to get lost in.

10. Wine tasting

It’s time to get those mini bottles of wine out. Chat with your date to work out what wines you’re going to try, then set yourself up with a video call, your wine glasses, and maybe a large jug of water too! The benefits of this one? No need to call a taxi to get home.