Five Ways To Have A Positive Online Dating Experience

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Five Ways To Have A Positive Online Dating Experience

Where is the year going? If, like us, you feel that 2020 is flying by and you’re still single, then relax. Today on our Muddy Matches countryside dating blog we’ve got everything you need to give you confidence to kick start your love life. So, grab 2020 by the horns, read our tips and get going with online dating!

1. Do your research + find an online dating site that suits you

If you’re reading this blog then the chances are that you love the countryside and life outdoors. When you’ve a little bit muddy, a little bit rural and you want to meet a countryside single to share your lifestyle with then you are definitely in the right place. When you start online dating on our niche countryside dating site you know you could meet so many other countryside singles who share your values. And when you have a common interest like this, getting in touch and starting an online dating conversation with them is so much easier.

2. Stay open-minded about who you could meet

Especially if you’ve been single for a long time, you might have a very definite idea in mind about the sort of person you want to meet. Take time to be realistic; might that person really exist? Take some time to ask yourself what *really* matters to you. If someone shares your core values but at first glance doesn’t match up to your original idea of a partner who will complement you, then it’s definitely worth scratching beneath the surface and finding out more. You may be pleasantly surprised!

3. Listen to your instincts

Getting to know someone online can be hard, and it’s important to listen to your instincts. If you ever have the feeling that someone you’re chatting to online might not be who they say they are, then end communication and let us know (we have a special ‘Report’ button on each profile. On the other, more positive hand, if you have a good feeling about someone, then invest time and energy in to getting to know this person more.

4. Make online dating a part of your life, but not your entire life

Online dating should be a fun, positive part of your life, not something to obsess over. Putting the pressure on yourself, and thinking about online dating as a chore, will start to make it seem like hard work. Make it fun, get your mates involved and enjoy meeting other countryside singles. This open-minded, light-hearted approach will come across in your online dating profile and messaging too, meaning that you seem super-attractive.

5. Shout about your qualities

It’s a typical British quality to *not* shout about what makes you so great and to down-play the fantastic person that you are. It’s time to get a friend involved. If you can’t find the words to describe yourself, or if your mind has gone completely blank when it comes to thinking about what makes you so great, ask your friends to write this part with you. They are friends with you for very good reason, so they’ll be able to show you off to full advantage.