Valentine’s Day – Surviving 14 February When You’re A Countryside Single

Monday, February 10th, 2020

Valentine's Day - Surviving 14 February When You're A Countryside Single

No matter where you live, you can’t escape Valentine’s Day. Everywhere you turn (village shop, local pub, your local florist, even your post office) there are reminders of the love fest that is February 14… Valentine’s Day cards, special, romantic Valentine’s menus for two, red, red roses and soppy love songs. It’s all very well if you’ve found your countryside match and are in a loving and committed relationship, but what about when you’re a rural single? Well, for starters, our countryside dating website Muddy Matches is the perfect place to start looking for love in the countryside but, if there’s no time left to get you a Valentine’s Day romance, why not follow our action plan so you can still feel the love on this day.

Forget Valentine’s Day, what about ‘Palentine’s Day’?

Substitute V for P and you’re in luck. Make 14 February all about your pals instead – we’re sure you know lots of other countryside singles. Invite your mates around, ask them each to bring a dish or bottle and spend the evening chatting, eating and watching movies. Valentine’s Day blues? Not a chance.

Text messages of love to your friends and family

Friends live a little too far away to come around? Rather than confining your Valentine’s Day romance to just one person, share the love and let all of those special people in your life know just how much they mean to you. All you need is your phone to send a text message or WhatsApp.

Sign up to rural online dating

Feeling left out in this celebration of romance? Head online – Valentine’s Day is a prime time for like-minded country singles to sign up for online dating. The result? The chances of you meeting someone with a similar love for the countryside are super-high. We’ve already got 300,000 singles to search through, so why not get started on your country loving journey now?

Pamper yourself

They say that you can’t properly love someone until you love you, so make 14 February all about you this year. Put aside and evening and take time out to totally pamper yourself. Create your own spa at home, complete with scented candles and bubble bath, get in your favourite meal and pop on music that makes you feel good.

Do something you’ve been putting off

Pampering not your thing? Devote the dreaded evening to getting that pesky job that you’ve been put off done. You’ll get absorbed in it, feel completely at peace at yourself and get a mega sense of satisfaction when you’re finished.

Stay off social media

If you’ve ever fallen in to the trap of ‘stalking’ your ex on social media then you’ll know just how good it makes you feel. On Valentine’s Day, seeing how they’re celebrating their new-found love with someone else isn’t going to make you happy or good about yourself, so close down Facebook and Instagram and focus on you instead.

Go somewhere new

That latest film, that new bar, the comedy show down the road? Make the most of them being a little quieter than usual thanks to the Valentine’s Day rush and head off to spend your evening in style.

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