Seven Signs Your Muddy Match Is Really Into You

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

Seven Signs Your Muddy Match Is Really Into You

Don’t you love that feeling when you’ve been dating for a while and feelings for another rural single start to develop? You start to think about your country match more and more each day, and you begin to think that maybe you’ve really found your Muddy Match on our online country dating site. So, you’re clear about your feelings, but how about your match? Are they thinking the same about you? Today’s muddy boots blog looks how how you can sort the ‘players’ from the ‘keepers’ and work out who if they’re in it for the long run.

1. They’re reliable

On time, or in touch if they’re running late, a countryside match who is really in to you can be counted on to be there and be with you in times of need. No guessing whether they’ll turn up, or not – you know where you stand.

2. They’re kind…

And not just to you. When someone is genuine through and through, kindness will show through every action. Keep an eye on how they treat, talk to and talk about, other people – from their own family to the waitress to your friends.

3. There’s no game-playing

Don’t you hate that situation where you’re watching your phone, waiting for them to text or call back? Then, when the reply comes, it’s somewhat offhand and not really asking how you are? Someone who’s truly interested in you will reply as soon as they can, and take a real interest in your day.

4. You can just ‘be’ together

No need to plan dates filled with activity. When you and your country date have a connection, you’ll find it second nature to just hang out and be comfortable in each other’s company.

6. You don’t feel pressurised

Your date won’t pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do, before you are ready – your decision and views will be respected.

7. They make an effort with your friends and family

‘Meet the parents’ will be easy when they are committed to you. Sure, having nerves about whether they get on or not is normal, but if they are keen on building a relationship about with you, they’ll make an effort to lot in and put you at ease.