New Year Countryside Dating Resolutions

Thursday, January 09th, 2020

New Year Countryside Dating Resolutions

Where do you stand on the New Year’s Resolutions question? Love them? Loath them? Make them but forget about them about a week or so? We like to take the big picture. A brand new year = brand new dating opportunities. Why not make your new year’s resolution to kick start your online dating search for country loving? Whether you’re new to online dating with Muddy Matches or have been here a while, we’ve got some ideas to help you make new dating habits your new year’s resolution. So, load up your country dating profile, flex your fingers and kick-start your love life!

Give your dating profile a 2020 spring clean

Is your dating profile so 2019? Take a few minutes to read your dating profile with fresh eyes. Is it up-to-date? Does it really represent you? Are your photos up to date? Hopefully you’ve got some gorgeous shots from the festive period to It’s worth spending a few minutes to add detail to what you say and let your personality shine through.

? Take a chance on me ?

Are you dismissing other countryside singles out of hand? Why not open up your search criteria up a bit to get even more countryside introductions. Then, take a chance and get messaging on our online dating site. The right person for you might not be what or who you think they are, so being open-minded and chatting to people who you might not initially consider can really pay off.

New Year, new challenge

Did you know that regular users of Muddy Matches, especially those who have been online recently, get more interaction and show up at the top of other people’s online dating searches? Want to get more interaction with your profile? Challenge yourself to contacting 5 new people a week. Setting yourself a goal will push you from being a passive ‘browser’ (who scrolls through profiles without engaging) to being an active online dater – one who initiates contact and kickstarts conversations.

Don’t compare yourself with other

It’s easy to look at your friends and family and start to compare your single status with their married/engaged/loved-up life – especially if there’s been a flurry of Christmas and new year engagements. Stop right there! We’re firm believers that the right person for you will come along, but you have to be pro-active and open-minded. Rather than letting yourself get down-hearted, keep enjoying your own pursuits but add in a healthy dose of online dating on the side. A positive outlook and belief that it will happen will help you in your search. And, with over 240,000 singles on Muddy Matches, our dating site for country people is a great place to start!