Christmas Kisses

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Christmas Kisses

Perhaps you’ve been dating another countryside lover for a while and the sparks are flying. If a kiss has been elusive so far, then why not use the magic of Christmas to get a little closer? Here’s how…

1. Relax

The sweaty, nervous look is not attractive, and won’t help you to feel your best on the date either. Try to breathe, relax, and tell yourself that if it happens, it happens but if not, then you can see how it goes next time. Taking the pressure off will help you enjoy the date a lot more – which equals a more attractive you.

2. Don’t plan the date for somewhere with lots of people you know

At Christmas time, it’s likely that if you meet in your local pub or restaurant, or even the countryside if you’re on an outdoorsy date, you’ll bump into someone you know. If you’re wanting to make a move on the rural single of your dreams then having an audience is not going to help. Suggest an alternative location, to ensure you get a little but of privacy from your nearest and dearest.

3. Think about your body language

What subliminal signals are you sending off? Are you closed and shy, or open and welcoming. Turning your body away from someone (easy to do when you’re nervous), crossing your arms or putting a lot of space between you and your countryside date all indicate that you’re not interested. Instead, turn your body towards your date, inch a little closer (and not in a creepy war), use the power of touch (lightly touch their arm or shoulder), and if your date finds you attractive, you’ll find them responding.

4. Make eye contact

Never underestimate the power of eye contact when you’re dating. It’s a cliche, but looking from eyes to mouth indicate to your date that you’re interested in getting a little closer….

5. Strategic use of mistletoe

All hail the mistletoe! Whether you’re standing under a handy tree or, more likely, under a bunch of leaves in your local pub, having mistletoe nearby gives you the ultimate reason to lean in for a kiss.

6. Kiss halfway through the date

Why wait to the end? Ending your date with a kiss is always romantic, but it doesn’t give you chance to chat to your date after to see how they felt about it and gauge whether it was welcome or not. If yes, then you can spend the rest of the date sharing kisses – win win.