Simple Rural Dating Tips For December

Saturday, December 07th, 2019

Simple Rural Dating Tips for December

Feeling the dating pressure this festive season? We hear you. Christmas when you’re single can be hard… all those romantic films on the tv, couples snuggling up around you and the inevitable ‘so why are you still single’ from well-meaning uncles and aunts. With all this extra pressure, finding love in the country can feel far from fun. So, today on Muddy Matches we’re sharing our simple, stress-free tips for online dating and country loving this Christmas.

1. Be yourself

With pressure from family and friends, not to mention being overwhelmed by Christmas love songs and films, you might find yourself tempted to be someone else when you are rural dating in order to attract a country match as soon as possible. Ever pretended you’re interested in something you are not, or even trying to be someone you’re not, just to fit in and feel validated? Stop there! Relax, value who you are and what you do. Not only will this cause fewer problems down the line, your date will be attracted to your confidence and sense of self. Christmas kisses under the mistletoe are far more likely.

2. Don’t worry about the awkward moment

If you’ve met someone on our rural dating site and feel nervous about your first date with your country match, you can be certain that your countryside date will feel exactly the same. At some point, both of you will probably be a little stuck for words and filling the silence will probably get you waffling on and feeling a little silly. Avoid the potential gap in conversation by planning a few questions to ask to get the ice broken and conversation started. As you go on more and more dates in the countryside you’ll get more confident at making small talk too!

3. Don’t settle for less than you deserve

If you’re feeling pressured into finding someone in time for Christmas then dating someone who isn’t quite what you’re looking for won’t do you any favours in the long run. Remember why you’re dating and focus on that – maybe you really want to find a long-term country relationship (and maybe even be a farmer’s wife…) – rather than the shorter term goal of ‘not being single at Christmas time’. You deserve to meet someone who truly complements you rather than settling for someone just because they are there.

4. But have an open mind

Perhaps you’ve got a really clear idea of the sort of person you’re looking for. Even if you’re panicking about your single status remember to be open to meeting other types of people – you might be pleasantly surprised! Make a conscious effort to really listen to your date, ask questions about their life, interests and values and you might find yourself falling for someone unexpected. If you ask and listen, then it’s really likely that your rural date will do the same for you!

5. Have fun

Christmas is a really magical time to date and you can have so much fun with your country match. Yes, the pressure might be on but relax, take each date as it comes and really enjoy your dating experience. A little bit of Christmas magic may be all you need to find love in the countryside this December.