Seven Online Dating Terms You Need To Know

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Seven Online Dating Terms You Need To Know

Did you know that online dating has a whole lexicon especially for finding love online? If you’re going to find love in the countryside and navigate your dating site journey with ease, then you need to be able to recognise different behaviours to help you work out what exactly is going on. So, get your pens and paper out and get ready to learn all the online dating terms you need to know.


We’ve all been there – little messages to keep you interested, allusions to meeting up, promises to get together soon… a trail of dating breadcrumbs that lead nowhere. Best to call it a day and move on.

Cuffing Season

Nope, not the time to repair the cuffs on your shirts… cuffing season refers to the cooler, crisper months of autumn and winter when countryside singles everywhere feel a natural instinct to couple up – or cuff – and snuggle down together somewhere cosy. A great time to start your online dating journey as 100s of singles sign up to find love.


Just like an angler, an online dating fisher will put out the bait and wait to see who bites. If you receive a message from a fisher you’ll be one of several ‘potentials’. If the fisher likes the look of you, they’ll pick you out and ignore all the rest.


Ghosting refers when someone suddenly disappears from your life without a call, email or text. In the majority of cases, the issue is not with you but with the person who’s ghosted you. Yes, it’s hard to accept but the best thing to do is to move on. Find out more in our Ghosting blog here.

Love bombing

Literally, when you’re being bombarded by love. But not the emotional, caring kind of love – more the materialistic kind when you are showered with gifts, given an overwhelming amount of attention and reassurances of love. It sets the scene for a great future relationship but very often it serves to hide your date’s flaws and deficiencies. Red alert.


You know those two little blue ticks that show your message as been read but not responded to? The same applies to online dating – when you’ve been r-bombed your messages have been seen and read but for some reason your online date match has not got back to you. Why? Who knows.


The ghoster is back! They’ve popped back into your online dating inbox from nowhere, and with no explanation about where they went and why they suddenly went silent. Be on full alert.

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