Is It Time To Update Your Muddy Matches Dating Profile?

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Is It Time To Update Your Muddy Matches Dating Profile?

On Muddy Matches we often get asked about the best way to find other country-loving singles. We always advise that you keep an eye out for new rural members who are signing up with us all the time. But how can you make sure that they (and existing muddy members) spot your profile? If you’ve been online dating with our countryside dating agency for a while, and you’ve still not found your muddy ever after, then it might be time to give your profile a freshen up. Here are a few steps that you can take to update to keep your dating profile up-to-date, interesting and eye-catching.

1. Profile picture

When did you last update your profile picture? Do you change it as often as you change your Facebook pic? Take a look at your profile picture with new eyes and ask yourself; does it show your face clearly? Do you think it’s eye-catching? Your profile may well be showing up in lots of people’s searches but they may have got so used to it, they don’t ‘see’ it anymore. Add a fresh photo, preferably of you living your best outdoorsy life, so that your profile stands out and, voila, more profile clicks!

2. Update your personal info

Over the last few months, has anything changed? Perhaps you’ve taken up some new hobbies, or you feel confident enough to add more detail to your profile. Take a few minutes to check that the interests you’ve listed still reflect what you like to do. Adding more detail will give personality and character to your profile and attract more singles, so it’s well worth writing about what you like about your activities and why you enjoy pursuing them.

3. Add a ‘statement headline’

Let’s think about your statement headline as one sentence that sums you up in a few words. Potential dates will be able to read about your ‘essence’ at a glance, just like when you submit your CV when you apply for a job.

4. More pictures

It’s time to take a step back and look at what you like about other people’s profiles. We bet that you love looking at their pictures, are we right? Now return back to your dating profile and see how many pictures you’ve uploaded. Take a look back through your phone and spend a few moments refreshing your online dating profile with your personal favourites. This way, you’ll give your potential muddy matches a real insight into how you enjoy spending your time. You never know, they may just find they have lots in common with you and get in touch.

5. Entice people to find out more

Giving lots of information about yourself, as we suggest in tip two, can be great but too much information can be overwhelming. Another benefit of telling a little, but not all, is that it makes online messaging easier as people will have something to ask about. So, hinting at an achievement or future dream can be a lot, lot more interesting then telling it straight.