Six Steps To Being Yourself On Your First Date

Monday, November 11th, 2019

Six Steps To Being Yourself On Your First Date

The time has come to meet your countryside match, the rural single you’ve been pinging messages back and forth with. And who knows? Will this be your #MuddyEverAfter? We know that first date nerves are very real, and can make the prospect of meeting someone new very daunting. So, as well as putting together our ultimate guide to beating first date nerves here, we’ve created this Muddy Matches guide on how to be yourself on a first date.

1. The welcome

A handshake, kiss on the cheek, a hug? What’s the correct etiquette for meeting someone new? Whatever you choose, and whichever you feel comfortable with, make sure you greet your date with confidence and make it clear what you intend to do. A handshake could come across as being a little formal and too much like a job interview for a romantic date situation, but if you’re not a touchy-feely person by nature then it might be the most comfortable option for you. Going in for a hug? Open your arms wide to make it clear. A kiss on the cheek? Hold their hand too to avoid uncomfortable nose-bumping. Whether you shake, hug or kiss, make sure you make some great eye contact too, and remember to smile!

2. The conversation

Before your date, take a look back at your date’s country dating profile to refresh your mind about their hobbies, lifestyle and interests. Being prepared will make sure that your rural date will be full of conversation and laughter. If you’re still stuck for words then check out our blog post with some great date conversation starters.

3. The discussion

Although you might wish to be agreeable when it comes to meeting your rural single, make sure you don’t compromise our beliefs and opinions in a desire to make your country match like you. Standing up for yourself and your views, and being decisive will show you value yourself and are confident in how you feel. Being upfront and honest about this will make you seem super-attractive, and spark some interesting discussion with your countryside date too.

4. The experience

Sharing an experience together, and for you and your country match it’s your first date, is a wonderful way to create memories and a connection. So why not push your boundaries a little? If there’s something exciting on the menu, why not give it a go? Playing it safe or being closed to new experiences can create a formal atmosphere which isn’t conducive to laughter and fun. So, say yes, make memories and get your date attracted to your fun and open energy!

5. The questioning

Although you might want to find out all about your rural match, firing off question after question might get a little much. Remember, this is not a job interview! Try to sprinkle your questions in to your discussion naturally, or your country match might feel a little bombarded.

6. The goodbye

Just like the greeting, choose what feels right and natural for you. Not feeling that you want to meet your country match again? Shake their hand or kiss their cheek and thank them politely. Thinking that love in the countryside has struck for you? Then maybe a double kiss or a peck on the lips. Again, just do what feels good. And don’t forget to look them in their eyes and smile!