Seven Secrets Of Happy Online Daters

Tuesday, October 08th, 2019

Seven Secrets Of Happy Online Daters

Have you checked out who’s new and looking for their own Muddy Ever After? Here on Muddy Matches we have
hundreds of hot to trot country-loving singles joining daily! But, if you’re just dipping your toe in to the world of online dating sites and are finding it somewhat bewildering, then this is the blog post for you. Our Muddy Matches spotlight today is on the secrets of happy online daters. You know the ones we mean; the countryside singles whose Muddy Matches dating profiles really stand out, who come across as confident and relaxed and whose personality absolutely shines through. You, yes you, you beautiful rural single, can also shine bright like the wonderful country-loving person you are. Here’s how to channel their positivity and write an engaging and exciting profile that will get other rural singles noticing you and help you in your search for love in the countryside.

1. Stand-out pictures

Take the time to choose some fantastic, eye-catching pictures for your online dating profile that will grab the attention of other muddy singles. Think about it; are you more attracted to profiles with low-quality photos or those with fun, colourful photos that show someone enjoying themselves and smiling? Enlist a friend to get snapping and editing if you need a spot of help.

2. Keep dating in perspective

Even if you’re desperate to meet your muddy match and share your countryside life with them, try not to make dating the be all and end all. Think of dating as just one areas of your life, along with work, your hobbies, your passion for the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. If dating becomes the sole focus of your life it can put a lot of pressure on you (and prospective dates!), so make sure that you live your rural life to the full as well. And having lots of hobbies and interests will make other singles super-interested in you!

3. Keep an open mind

You may have a really clear idea of the ‘type’ of country partner you’d like to meet, just like when you go into the pub to enjoy a drink. However, if you’ve got the ‘perfect person’ in mind (in terms of looks and job, lifestyle, hobbies and age) then you’re probably limiting your options. Open your mind to meeting other kinds of people… widen those search categories on our country online dating website. You never know who will woo you on an outdoors date and turn out to be your muddy ever after.

4. Be optimistic

Unfortunately, there are some daters out there who don’t always reply to online dating messages, even when you’ve written them the message to end all messages. It’s best to accept that some people won’t respond, and learn how to move on. Those people who are attracted to your online dating profile will want to get to know you, and listen to what you say in real life.

5. Stay fresh

Things change; so should your profile. If your muddy matches dating profile isn’t getting you much traction on the messaging front, take a look at it with fresh eyes. Does it sound friendly? Does it grab your attention? Ask a friend to take a look at it with you – an objective viewpoint is always helpful.

6. Take a risk

We know that going straight from sending messages online on a dating site to meeting for a first date can be scary. But why waste your time in sending messages back and forth for weeks? If you get a good vibe from someone, ask them out for a drink or a coffee. This will let you get a feel for whether they’re someone you’d like to get to know better. If not, you’ve not lost anything and you’ve probably built up your confidence for future first dates. Make sure you follow our advice for safe dating, though, and always let someone know where you are going and how long you expect to be.

7. Take an interest in other countryside singles

You can do this on your online dating profile and when you message other countryside singles. As well as talking about yourself, your life in the country and your hobbies and love for the outdoors, you can also give a little bit of an insight into the values and outlook you would like to find in your muddy partner. This means that other singles can really gauge whether they’d get on; they might even have that ‘that sounds like me!’ moment.

There you have it! Good luck, and we look forward to hearing about how you get on. Remember to share your muddy matched story with us using the hashtag #MuddyEverAfter. Happy dating!