Seven Dating Dilemmas – And How To Tackle Them

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Seven Dating Dilemmas

Dating can be exciting, fun and full of promise. But at the same time, it can be confusing, upsetting and mind-boggling. There are so many potential pitfalls and dilemmas that sometimes, it might feel easier just to give up entirely. Stop right there! At Muddy Matches we have over ten years of countryside dating experience so we’ve pulled together all of our expertise to help you navigate seven common dilemmas you may come across when you are online dating and meeting other rural singles.

1. It’s hard to meet anyone who shares your interests

Oh yes, there is a reason why Muddy Matches online dating website exists. Our founders, Emma and Lucy, set up Muddy Matches to help rural singles and people who love the countryside meet each other. On our dating site you’ll find so many singles looking for like-minded people to date – all with one thing in common, you love the countryside and getting muddy! It’s free to register and take a look around so why not sign up now?

2. You don’t have the time

We completely understand that looking for a partner is time-consuming. Writing your own online dating profile, uploading photographs then searching for other muddy singles and reading their online profiles, as well as messaging them, all takes time, particularly when you’re taking it seriously. Finding it all too much? It’s time to ask yourself two questions. 1. Are you really passionate about finding a partner at this moment in time or are there other things in life that deserve your attention? 2. Are you approaching it as a ‘job’? Dating should be exciting, not a chore! get some friends around to help you search and you’ll find your search for love in the countryside a lot more fun.

3. There’s too much choice

Well there are worse things to happen! All of our Muddy Matches profiles are vetted by a real life team to make sure that they are all genuine. We’ve also put a lot of thought in to our search filters, meaning that you can select countryside singles with exactly the outdoor pursuits and countryside interest you like – from equestrians to dog lovers, farmers to hikers. You can also check out exactly how muddy minded they are with our ‘Muddy scale’.

3. It all sounds great when you’re online dating but you’re not clicking in real life

Sometimes you think you’ve found the guy or girl of your dreams after reading their online dating site profile and getting to know them with the Muddy messaging service. But, when you meet them in real life, the spark just isn’t there. So, what do you to? Ask yourself whether you’re putting too much pressure on the date with your countryside itself. And are he qualities you think you are looking for are what you *actually* want? Try to relax a bit and enjoy the date for what it is – two country people getting together to find out more about each other. Chances are, with a more laid-back attitude, things will flow better and love in the countryside will come.

4. You’ve been ghosted

In the world of online dating, ghosting means being totally cut off, with no reason why. Hard as it might be, please try not to take it personally. The best way to deal with dating ghosters is by being direct. Either get in touch with them and ask them ‘what’s going on?’ – there might be other things going on in their life which means their focus has temporarily been shifted from you – or accept that you’ve been cut out and move on to chatting with and dating someone who deserves your time and energy.

5. Dating is proving to be a little expensive

True, dating can add up, even when you go 50/50 and especially if you’re paying for the bill. It’s time to think outside the box and get creative with your dating ideas. We’ve written this Muddy Matches dating blog to give you lots of inspiration for fun, outdoorsy dates for you and your countryside match to enjoy, without having to fork out. How about a picnic in the park, or a museum date followed by coffee?

6. You thought you and your country match were getting on, but actually you’re not quite sure

The best thing to do in this dating situation is to be honest and let your date know that it’s not going to go any further. There’s no point in wasting their (and your) time. It’s hard to do, but you’ll both come away feeling respected.

7. Things are moving too fast

So if your date is pushing for things to move on super-quickly and alarm bells are ringing then stop right there. Tell your date, and slow things down. If your date isn’t happy with this, then move one. If, on the other hand, things are just going quicker than expected, have a chat with your new partner. Tell them how you feel; the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and safe.

There is plenty moreĀ dating advice on Muddy Matches here. Good luck!