Eight Benefits Of Dating A Farmer

Sunday, September 01st, 2019

Ten Benefits Of Dating A Farmer

We all know that farming and agricultural life is hard; long hours, few colleagues, increasing pressure in a time of political uncertainty. It can be hard for countryside people to meet like-minded rural singles, which is where online dating website Muddy Matches comes in. We’ve had over ten years of helping country people meet… and today we bring to you eight bonuses of life when you date a farmer. So, if you’ve ever thought about joining the farmers wives’ or farmers husbands’ club, read on and reap the benefits of real-life love in the countryside.

1. They are independent

Farming life can be sometimes lonely but having to rely on themselves, their skills and knowledge builds a great ability to be independent and happy by themselves. Great news if you’re dating a farmer – you’re not there to ‘be the other half’ but to support and share a life together.

2. Country life

Who needs city streets when you have fantastic views, fresh air and a healthy life in the outdoors? If you’ve ever wondered how country-minded you actually are please take our ‘How Muddy Are You?’ quiz here. Then wear your Muddy badge with honour!

3. Resilience

With weather, the economy, and many other aspects of farming being uncertain, farmers and agri workers are used to life being full of ups and downs. And, guess what? They stick with it and adopt a positive outlook to get through the harder times. A great approach to a relationship too!

4. They’ll value you

All that time by themselves or with livestock means that you’ll be a real highlight of the day and get full attention and interest.

5. Good at DIY

Farming life means fixing stuff; hurrah if you’re not so handy yourself.

6. Caring attitude

If they care for livestock, it’s not a matter of money. They need compassion and a caring attitude, perfect for you too!

7. You can rock the natural look

After a day in the outdoors, will they really care if you’re not coiffed to perfection? Less time getting ready = more time dating.

8. Calm under pressure

Adapting to new circumstances and dealing with unexpected situations means that staying calm and cool is a pre-requisite. So, hopefully they’ll not get stressed out by the little annoyances in life and your relationship.

At Muddy Matches we have over 10 years of experience of countryside dating – we have helped countless couples come together with our online dating website. We invite you to register for free today, and take a look around.