Are You Sabotaging Your Dating Life?

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Are You Sabotaging Your Dating Life?

Do you feel like you’ve been online dating with Muddy Matches for a while and are having no luck? When you’re chatting to other countryside singles but those real life dates just aren’t happening, it can be tempting to give up. Stop right there! You may be subconsciously sabotaging your dating life, and you can definitely do something about it. Ask yourself the following questions to work out if you’re holding yourself back when you’re looking for love in the countryside.

1.Your country dating profile is not up to date

Such an easy problem to sort out! Are your photos up to date, are you being too specific with what you’re looking for, or have you not shared enough detail about what your interests are and who you are looking for? Having a full, well-written profile with lots of pictures to illustrate who you are will really encourage other country people to get in touch.

2. You aren’t on top of your online dating messages

If you receive messages from other rural singles but fail to respond quickly, think about what message that sends to potential country matches. Are you interested? Or just not bothered? Trying to reply when you first see your message is a quick, proactive step to take to show other country people on Muddy Matches that you are available, enthusiastic and open to meeting them.

3. You scroll and scroll but don’t message anyone

Following on from point 2, website dating is about more than setting up a profile and waiting for the messages to come flooding in. You need to be reaching out to people who you are interested in; don’t wait for them to find you!

4. You feel too busy

If you’re too busy with work, family, friends and life in general to be able to accept a date invitation, it’s time to ask yourself whether you have the right attitude to online dating. Is there something you could change to make yourself more available for country dating, or is it actually not the right time for you to be online dating at all? Be honest with yourself.

5. Your requirements are too specific

You may have a ‘dream’ boy or girl in your head that you’re on the look out for but it’s time to be realistic…. it’s unlikely that you are going to meet someone who ticks all the boxes on paper (or on their country dating site profile).  Even if you’ve got your heart set on being a farmers wife, try to widen your search criteria and be open-minded when you get online messages from country people who are not ‘your type’.

6. You’re nervous

Nerves, oh nerves. They are accountable for a lot and you may find that they are getting in the way of you meeting your Muddy Match in real life. We’ve got plenty of advice on how to beat first date nerves in these blog posts, and remember that talking to a country friend can really help to put your mind at rest.