Six Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Six Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Nothing makes us happier in the Muddy Matches office than when we receive stories of your Muddy Matched success stories. In fact, we love them so much that you can see a selection on our Success Stories pages here. But what makes for a successful and healthy relationship? Today, our Dating Advice blog is dedicated to giving you tips and insights on how to go from being a rural single to building a strong relationship with your countryside love.

1. Spend time with each other

It might sound very simple, but making an effort to carve out time in your busy lives to spend quality time together is the key to building a happy relationship. Snatching time here and there is, sadly, not enough but you don’t need to make grand, romantic gestures all the time. Whilst it’s nice to get out for a date now and then, just spending quality time together doing mundane things is a great basis for a relationship as it helps you to get to know each other better and be comfortable around one another.

2. Spend time apart

Going from single life to being in a relationship can be a shock to the system, especially if you have been single for a long time. To keep a sense of self and who you are, it’s important to keep time for yourself, your own interests and your own family and friends. You don’t have to share every single interest, or do everything together; it’s very normal to pursue your own interests and lives whilst still being together.

3. Introduce them to your family and friends

It may seem like a big step, and sometimes a very daunting one, yet introducing your muddy partner to your family and friends is a fantastic way for them to get to know you better and establish your relationship. Introducing them is a great way to signal that you take your relationship seriously and are in it for the long haul, and they will get to see you surrounded by other people who love, care for and respect you.

4. Compromise

Just as in point two, going from single life to being in a couple will inevitably involve some compromises. After all, you’re used to your own routine and way of doing things. Little things can really add up to make you feel a little resentful. So, remember to keep talking and if something really bothers you, say so. Just remember that you may not always get your own way!

5. Remember why you are attracted to your muddy match

After the initial flush of attraction and all the excitement of being in a new relationship, things can become a little more ‘normal’. It’s important to keep reminding yourself why you are together, even when little annoyances get in the way.

6. Be open minded

If you’ve met later in life, you and your partner may have very different ways of doing things or habits. Keep talking and sharing to help you meet in the middle and go forward together. By going from being single to in a couple too, you may even get to meet some more amazing people and experience some new outdoor interests and hobbies!