Hot Weather Date Ideas From Our Muddy Matches Members

Sunday, July 07th, 2019

Hot Weather Date Ideas From Our Muddy Matches Members

Do you follow us on Facebook yet? Our Muddy Matches Facebook page is a fun community where we share top date inspiration, countryside lifestyle tips and much more. Recently we asked our followers, “What’s your favourite hot weather date idea?”.

Here is what you said.

1. A cool forest walk to a beautiful lake, then a picnic with nice beers or cold fruit ciders and strawberries.

2. A day of sea fishing then cooking our catch over coals on the beach, all washed down with something cold and alcoholic.

3. A picnic near a lovely lake and a bottle of fizz – just sitting, talking and enjoying the company/scenery.

4. The penny date; flip a coin at a junction – heads go left, tails go right – and after however many flips you decide on a date wherever you end up.

5. Taking the dogs for a swim in the river and having a picnic.

6. A nice, old country pub and iced cider.

7. A paddle in my Canadian and a very fine picnic or pub lunch at the end of it.

8. A country pub by the side of a river with a shaded beer garden.

9. Swimming and a picnic.

10. Or the wild card…. Nope to hot weather dating. There’s nothing worse than dating when you’re a sweaty hot mess!