Body Language + Dating

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Body Language + Dating

Body language, also known as non-verbal communication, plays a big part in how you come across, both in everyday life and when you’re dating other muddy people. How we behave tells people a lot about how we’re thinking and feeling, so today’s Muddy blog looks at how you can harness the power of your own body language to send the right signals to your date.

What is body language?

The term ‘body language’ refers to your body posture, your facial expressions, your gestures and how you move your hands, the way in which you move your eyes, your use of touch and space so, as you can see, it’s a complicated topic!

How do I send out ‘good’ signals?

When you’re dating, a lot of how you feel is conveyed through your body language. So, if you’re keen to impress, here’s how to show that you are open-minded and wanting to find out more.

– Turn your body to face your date, and try not to fold your arms.
– Think about your posture. Are you slumping back or are you sitting tall and engaged?
– Make eye contact with your date to let them know you are listening and focussing on what they are saying.
– Respond to what they are saying by nodding or smiling.
– Common sign of flirtation and romantic interest include touching your own face and hair, or lightly touching a date’s hand or arm.

What are the ‘bad’ signals?

– Displaying ‘closed’ body language such as crossing your arms or turning your body away, or even crossing your legs, indicates that you’re not interested in your date.
– Looking elsewhere, looking down, playing with your phone… all these things send out the *I’M NOT INTERESTED* message.
– Sighing, yawning, sniffing – not a good idea for impressing anyone.
– If you are interested in your date, try not to make it too over-whelming for your date by staring them down. Could be scary.
– Similarly, although a little bit of ‘touching’ can be a good sign, being overly-friendly can turn a lot of people off and come across as a bit creepy.

What are your top tips for good body language when you’re dating? Let us know so we can include them in a future blog!