How Muddy Are You Really?

Monday, June 17th, 2019

How Muddy Are You Really?

Over the past ten years, Muddy Matches has brought together thousands of rural singles who have found love through online dating. But how muddy do you have to be to find love with us? Our online dating is for all those country-minded people who don’t actually mind one thing: mud.

It doesn’t matter whether you grew up in the countryside or are just hoping to move there, whether you actually live in the countryside or just like to spend time there; if you’re country-minded, the only thing you can’t have is an aversion to mud! So, if you’ve realised you’re a muddy single, it’s time to craft your online dating profile to reflect your interests. Here’s how.

1. Take the Muddy quiz

You know you love the countryside but how muddy are you really? We have the tool to help you find out; our Muddy Matches ‘How Muddy Are You?’ quiz. Answer a few questions and we’ll reveal your muddy:townie ratio; are you positively wallowing in muddiness? Pop your score on your Muddy Matches online dating profile and wear it with pride.

2. What photos do you have online?

So, you’ve completed your dating profile, ticked that you’re into shooting, horse-riding, polo, camping, walking and all those other countryside activities and found out your Muddy score on our quiz. However, your dating profile photos show a very different story. Try to choose some photos which show you not only at your best at a party or on a night out, but of you looking relaxed and at ease having fun doing your favourite hobbies. It will help other muddy singles get a real feel for who you are.

3. Talk about your countryside loves in your profile.

Writing an online dating profile is hard but with all of your countryside interests it’s easy to find something to talk about. Pick a few of your passions and chat about what you love about them and how you got into them. Again it’s all about adding flavour to your profile to help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Be honest

What’s the point in trying to be something you are not? Whether you’re more townie than muddy, be upfront and honest; you;; soon be found out if you’re not and wouldn’t you rather meet someone who likes you for who you really are?