How To Relax Before A Date

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

How To Relax Before A Date

Nerves are a very normal part of dating; we’re sure that everyone must have felt them once or twice in their life. But what if pre-date nerves are getting too much for you and actually putting you off going for a date in the first place? We’ve been there, and we are here to help. On Muddy Matches today we’re looking at how you countryside singles can channel some zen and relax before heading out to meet another rural single.

Pre-date nerves are so normal, and feeling some kind of anxiety is only to be expected. After all, you’re heading out to a new experience and meeting someone completely new. The pressure of wanting to make a good impression and having fun, as well as asking yourself if this could be the start of a new relationship, all adds up to make this an intense time. These are our top five tips for unwinding before your date to help you head out full of confidence and at ease.

1. Take your time

Rushing around to get ready and running a little late both add to the pressure pot that is date night. Give yourself time to shower, get changed and, if you can, an extra ten minutes to collect your thoughts. Taking time out to meditate can really help calm your mind and ease your anxiety. If you already have a meditation routine then great but if not, using an app such as Headspace is ideal; focus on your breath, clear your mind and reach a place of calm.

2. Phone a friend

Before a date the thoughts are rushing around your head; what’s my date going to be like? Will they like me? Will I like them? Will there be an attraction? What will we talk about? Will it be awkward? I don’t feel confident! Thankfully, phoning a friend or getting in touch over WhatsApp are great tools to use to ease your fears. A friend can give you a much-needed confidence boost and talk you through your worries.

3. Take your mind off it

If you’re ready for your date and have time to spare, don’t sit twiddling your thumbs. Do something either practical or thoughtful to take your mind off the date to come; a gentle walk, reading, listening to music, journalling, practising yoga, online shopping or just tidying up are all ways to fill time without worrying.

4. Think of your date as meeting a friend

Referring back to point two, worrying about whether you and your date will like each other can only add to your pre-date nerves. Thinking about this being a ‘friend date’ reduces the pressure you place on your meeting, meaning that all those fears about ‘a spark’ and rejection can disappear.

5. And remember…

… what’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like them, you don’t have to see them again. And if you do, then fantastic!