What Are The Advantages Of Online Dating With Muddy Matches?

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

What Are The Advantages Of Online Dating With Muddy Matches?

Nowadays there are hundreds of online dating websites and apps, all promising to help you find true love. So, you may be thinking, why should I go for Muddy Matches? Today’s blog looks at all the great things that make Muddy Matches a really special place, where you can meet your very own countryside lover. So, let’s kick things off…

1. We have over ten years of experience

Did you know that Muddy Matches was founded over ten years ago, back in 2007? Our founders, sisters Lucy and Emma, got together in a pub (in London, believe it or not), and realised that there was no fun dating website out there thing out there for people who were into the country life. Since then we’ve gained a lot of experience and have helped thousands of people who love rural living meet their perfect Muddy Match. So you can enjoy online dating safely in the hands of experts.

2. You’ll have a shared love of the countryside

Muddy Matches is for all of you singles out there who love the countryside life. We know that having a shared passion makes it easier to find a connection and building a relationship; so joining a niche website for lovers of the countryside is a great starting point!

3. You can refine your search by countryside interests

Our search criteria differ from other online dating websites because they are so specific to countryside living – meaning that you are more likely to meet someone who shares your passions. For example, via the Muddy Matches advanced search you can refine by countryside interests including fly fishing, clay shooting, caving, hacking and eventing. Perfect if you have a very clear idea of the type of person you would like to meet!

4. You can find out how Muddy you really are!

New to Muddy Matches? Then make sure you head to our Muddy Matches quiz where you can discover your very own Muddy:Townie ratio. Wear it like a badge of honour, add it to your online dating profile and find truly like-minded people.

5. It’s great for city dwellers who love the countryside life

If you don’t live in the countryside, don’t worry. Although Muddy Matches is aimed at country-minded people, we know that many modern muddies live in a town or city. Muddy Matches is for anyone who thinks they are in any way muddy, no matter where they live.

6. We have dating advice and ideas for countryside lovers

Our Dating Advice blog is packed full of dating inspiration and tips specially for Muddy people. Need an outdoor date idea? No problem. Finding it hard to fit dating in to your country life? We have tips for that too. Take a few minutes to explore our Dating Advice blog here.

7. Our dating subscription packages are flexible

We offer 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions to Muddy Matches, meaning that you can use online dating to suit you and your lifestyle.

8. Muddy Matches really works

As you need to pay for a subscription to unlock all of the features of online dating, it means that the singles on Muddy Matches are really committed to their search for a muddy companion. Which means that true love really does happen. We have so many wonderful stories of individuals finding love online; take a look at our Success Stories blog to get inspired.

9. We have a supportive online community

Our Muddy Matches Facebook page is a vibrant place where we share dating advice, get your views on all things dating, inspire you with our tongue in cheek single life memes and quotes and generally just have some muddy fun. Give us a like here.