How To Have A Great Date

Thursday, May 02nd, 2019

How To Have A Great Date

Have you met a Muddy Match through online dating? Think it’s time to meet? Bravo! We’ve put together this Muddy Matches guide to planning a great date, so the sparks can continue to fly.

1. Feel your best

Take a little bit of time to plan what you’re going to wear, how you are going to style your hair and, if applicable, put on your make-up. These three things can help you look fantastic and, most importantly, make you feel super-confident. When you’re on your date you want to be able to concentrate on your Muddy Match without worrying about your clothes or hair. And if you’re always fiddling, you’re not going to create a great first impression. Finish your prep with a spritz of your favourite perfume or aftershave to leave you fresh and ready to date. There’s more advice here about how to make a great first impression.

2. Find a great location

If this is your first date then it’s important to meet somewhere not too remote, well-lit and with lots of other people around. Always make sure that a friend or member of your family knows where you are, and remember to check in with them after your date too.

3. Turn up on time

Let’s face it. Turning up late to a date is border-line rude. Your date will be getting concerned and may even be wondering if they’ve been stood up. Furthermore, being late means you’ll eventually arrive feeling stressed and flustered rather than calm and collected. We advise that you check your route to your meeting point in advance, and leave a little extra time to allow for delays (those pesky sheep on road, you know). If you are running late, try your best to let your date know with a quick message so that they can wait patiently for you to arrive.

4. Listen to your date

Ever been on a date where the other person drones on and on about themselves? Don’t be that person! We know that first date nerves can make you clam up or talk incessantly but take a deep breath and calm down. Why not take a look at their Muddy Matches profile just before your date to remind yourself about their hobbies and interests, or read our blog here for five topics get conversation flowing.

5. Put that phone away

Also known as ‘phubbing’ – phone snubbing – constantly checking your phone throughout your date indicates that you’re not that interested in your match. Put the phone away and take time to connect with your date – Instagramming your fancy cocktail can wait. However, we do advise that you take your phone with you so that you can check in with a friend to let them know you are safe.

6. Be positive

The chances of you finding someone who is 100% perfect are slim… sorry. As Muddy Matches offers online dating for those who have a love of the countryside life, you’re sure to have something in common to kick off with. Try to come to your date open-minded, positive and ready to find out more about them, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

7. Plan your journey home

For your own safety, make sure your car is parked by, or if you’ve had a drink or two, you’ve booked a taxi or have your public transport sussed.

That’s it! Have you got any top dating tips to share? Get in touch to let us know!